I Wish All of Our Prospects Were Here!

My best sales people are Bullhorn customers.  Their loyalty and passion to Bullhorn – the company and the product – can’t be beat.  We spend so much time trying to share with prospects the community that is Bullhorn.  Bullhorn customers are incredible partners, and every time I spend time with them I learn something, have fun, and look forward to the next meeting. As you might expect, the last day and a half has been a non-stop series of meeting customers.  Some that I have met before.  Some that I have had conference calls with but never met, and some that I only knew up to this point as a name on a contract.  Every one of them with incredible insight into the market and into our product. I wish I could put what every one of these customers knows about Bullhorn – even the newest of them – in a bottle and bring to our meetings with prospects.  Bullhorn is FAR MORE than an ATS, it’s the ONLY true FRONT OFFICE, a place where customers spend more time – LIVING IN BULLHORN – and Bullhorn gets better for them every month with every release.  I know we are the only vendor delivering on the promise of ON DEMAND because 200 people just told me so. That’s all for now – back to the show to meet some new and old friends.

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