Finding and retaining top talent

Turn your talent pool into a talent community

Build your own flywheel to improve talent relationships and team productivity

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10 emails to send candidates

In today’s fast-paced job market, it is crucial to engage with candidates effectively to improve the talent acquisition process.

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5 Easy Tricks to Find Great Candidates Online

A shortage of talent is the biggest challenge in recruitment right now.

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How To Reach Out to Talent (on Their Own Terms)

Looking to step up your talent experience?

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How Your Tech Stack Can Help Attract More Candidates

In a candidate-short market, everyone is on the search for talent.

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Six Steps to Better Manage Your Candidate Database

No matter what time of year it is, if you’re at all like me, you absolutely loathe the idea of cleaning your house or apartment.

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How to Recruit Passive Candidates on LinkedIn

Some of the best candidates you’ll work with aren’t specifically looking for a new job.

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Sourcing for the Shortage

The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Sourcing

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Nurturing Talent: Get Personal With Marketing Automation

Those talented temporary employees and contractors you’ve worked so hard to recruit and place have plenty of choices in this tough labor market — and your staffing firm’s candidate experience is crucial to retaining and redeploying them.

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Connected Recruiting: Attract and Convert More Candidates

In the midst of today’s unprecedented staffing shortage, it’s never been more important for staffing firms to create a consistently engaged talent pool – but at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to attract and convert new candidates.

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Using technology to transform the talent lifecycle

Improving business performance with Connected Recruiting

For staffing firms, business performance begins with talent experience.

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9 essential Connected Recruiting KPIs

You wouldn’t build a business without setting goals and measuring your progress. So why build a Connected Recruiting strategy without measuring your progress against the KPIs and metrics that matter?

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How to Take Automation to the Next Level

Bullhorn customers recently reached a remarkable achievement: automating one billion manual tasks with Bullhorn Automation.

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Top 5 Recruitment Automations with Immediate Impact

These days, speed is everything. Consultants don’t have time for repeat and mundane tasks not directly related to making placements and driving revenue.

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Connected Recruiting: Where To Start (And How To Get Results)

There’s no shortage of best practices and technologies to help your team effectively communicate with candidates before, during, and after placement.

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Attract playbooks

Upgrade your entire talent lifecycle with step-by-step playbooks that will help your team attract and convert more talent.

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Connected Recruiting Checklist

These are the top tactics that your team can implement to see the biggest impact on your business right away. Download the checklist to start your transformation.

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Measure your Connected Recruiting strategy: Start on the right foot

So your business is embarking on the Connected Recruiting strategy. Your leaders agree, and you have an idea of what you’re trying to achieve and what you plan to do.

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Creating content to cultivate a candidate community

5 Tips for Writing Perfect Recruiting Email Subject Lines

First impressions count.

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What Types of Content Will Your Candidates Respond to Best?

Like every consumer, candidates respond to content that best relates to their interests, desires, and pain points.

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Cultivating a Candidate Community: Maximize Your Return on Investment

For decades, the staffing industry has relied heavily on job boards and manual sourcing for growth and delivery on client expectations.

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How to Write Staffing Career Site Copy That Converts

Where do the vast majority of job seekers go to search for openings?

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Connected Recruiting: Designing an Engagement Strategy to Meet Candidates Where They Are

As employees, talent, and humans, our value system has, as of late, changed.

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Connected Recruiting: How To Take Your Onboarding Experience from Mess to Success

Today’s candidates have high expectations for staffing firms.

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Explore the Connected Recruiting phases

Attract and convert more applicants

The Attract phase of the talent lifecycle is all about streamlining your application process and tailoring your brand to offer a memorable experience — from their first interaction with your website to your application follow-up.

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Meet candidates where they are

The Engage phase of the talent lifecycle is all about knowing your audience. Do you have enough information about all the candidates in your database to be able to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right channel, for the right opportunity?

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Take the busywork out of onboarding

The Onboard phase of the talent lifecycle is all about checking the administrative requirements while delivering a positive candidate experience (in the lead up to their first day and throughout their assignment).

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Increase redeployment and candidate satisfaction

The Nurture phase of the talent lifecycle is all about building long-term relationships, making the most of your existing database, and leveraging reviews and referrals, to ultimately build a talent community.

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