Why You Should Automate VMS Candidate Submittals


We recently asked our vendor management system (VMS) automation customers what matters most to them when it comes to making their VMS business run more smoothly and efficiently. Before sending out the survey, we hypothesized that automating candidate submittals back into the VMS would be considered almost as valuable as automating the creation of jobs from the VMS into the ATS. We were impressed to find that not only did customers think automating candidate submittals was valuable, but they actually viewed automating those submittals equally as important as automating job creation. Why?

  1. Recruiters are spending the same amount of time submitting candidates back into the VMS as they are creating jobs. On average, it takes 15 minutes to submit one candidate for one job. It takes the same amount of time to create one job. The scary thing is, many responses came in much higher than 15 minutes, with some as high as 30+ minutes.VMS
  2. Time to submit is seen as the most important measure of success. We know all too well how competitive this market has become. Being able to see an active job and submitting candidates to that job faster than your competition means that you have a much higher likelihood of filling that job. Speed is a competitive advantage.Benefits of VMS
  3. VMS businesses continue to grow and will require scalable and efficient processes to be successful. 67% of Bullhorn GRID respondents expect their VMS business to grow or remain the same. When asked how important it was to automate VMS job creation versus to automate VMS candidate submittals, respondents rated the two functions as just about equal.

Bullhorn is excited to announce that automated candidate submittal functionality with Bullhorn VMS Sync is not just a vision, but a reality. In September, we officially shared the start of our automated candidate submittals beta program, and we are anticipating a general release in the very near future.

VMS Sync will soon enable more than just automated job creation from the VMS into the ATS, but it will also enable recruiters to submit candidates automatically back into the VMS. This closing of the VMS loop will drastically increase efficiencies, freeing recruiters up to spend more time with candidates and clients, increasing their speed to submission, and improving their fill rates.

Having a competitive edge in this industry is often about differentiating on people and culture. Our ask is that you don’t forget about the power of technology. When applied to the right processes, technology can play an incredible role in further differentiating those people by freeing them up to work on the most value-add activities at your firm.

“We already utilize and see the value of Bullhorn VMS Sync in increasing our speed to service in the VMS business. The VMS candidate submittals functionality has taken that speed and put it into hyperdrive, and it also allows our staff to spend more time nurturing candidate and client experiences. Shifting the time and focus from data entry to relationship building and delivery of great service is what will set us apart in this crowded market space.”
– Jennifer Shorr, Assistant Vice President at The Jacobson Group


Want to know more about automating your VMS business? Check out Bullhorn VMS Sync.


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