March 2019 Product Release Highlights

March 2019 Product Release Updates


It’s almost time to “spring forward” into our next wave of product releases! Let’s dive right into the March release notes and highlight the most exciting updates you can expect to see in your Bullhorn instance by the end of the month.

The Native Mobile App is Finally Here!

S Release and Novo

Mobile is live! Our native mobile app is out of beta and ready for general use. Available on iOS and Android, the Bullhorn app helps you win business at any time, from anywhere by browsing records (candidates, contacts, etc.) and adding information (notes, internal submissions, and jobs) right into Bullhorn while you’re on the go. Exciting upgrades from the mobile site include a one-time sign-in, resume view, and a Novo-style interface. Stay tuned for Tearsheets, coming this March release!

Improved Performance for Files Tab

S Release

Lots of files? You may have experienced some latency when loading them in the Files tab on records. Well, we’re excited to share that we’ve made some improvements that means those will now load much faster, allowing users to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Find Matching Candidates


Having trouble finding the right matching candidates? We’ve updated our candidate search to gather more results, ensuring that you will have more qualified candidates to choose from. This is done by changing how we use the detected language in the resume; we will no longer pull in the language of the resume as a keyword when searching for candidates.

Greater Security for Back Office Users

Back Office

A new setting has been implemented to increase security in Bullhorn Back Office which will time out inactive external users after a set period of time. The default time out setting is 4 hours, but Administrators can request the setting be shortened or lengthened up to a maximum of 6 hours. This change applies to Employees, Departments, Vendors, and Authorized Representatives. Please contact support for assistance.


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For a complete look at March’s product updates, please visit the S Release and Novo release notes.

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