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Fuse Recruitment Expands With Bullhorn


Fuse Recruitment is an Australian-born recruitment agency focused on the Engineering, Science, Trade and Insurance industry. It was established in 2010 through the collective vision of Managing Director Mathew Westcott, and co founders, Tyson McNeilly and Matthew Christensen, to deliver recruitment services that genuinely served candidate needs while satisfying the demanding requirements of businesses.

Today, Fuse Recruitment operates internationally and has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Mackay, Melbourne, Sydney and London. Connecting these international offices is made possible through Bullhorn’s cloud-based recruitment technology. Bullhorn has since caught up with Managing Director, Mathew Westcott to find out how Fuse Recruitment is leveraging Bullhorn to power their operation.


At Inception, Fuse Recruitment required a recruitment CRM that would be reliable and above all, adaptable enough to scale alongside them. The business started with only two users across Melbourne and Brisbane, but supported by long term industry expertise, it expected to grow quickly. The ideal solution would therefore need to be cloud based, capable of connecting offices across states. After assessing several options, Bullhorn proved to be the best choice. According to Managing Director, Mathew Westcott, other providers were relatively immature while Bullhorn had a proven track record of being a reliable cloud-based solution.


After implementing Bullhorn, Fuse Recruitment had a robust technological foundation in which information could be shared and managed. Subsequently, the company opened new offices in Sydney, Darwin and Perth and connected its workflows within the system. Now with a physical presence in key locations across Australia, Fuse Recruitment focused on further streamlining operations. Taking advantage of Bullhorn’s Marketplace for third party applications, they were able to seamlessly integrate a payroll system, advanced job posting and third party analytics.


According to Mathew, the biggest benefits of implementing Bullhorn’s recruitment CRM platform are reliability and flexibility. Since inception, Bullhorn has never been unavailable due to server issues and when support was needed, it was available 24 hours, 7 days a week. From a service delivery standpoint, Bullhorn has allowed Fuse Recruitment to be incredibly responsive and agile, managing workflow regardless of geographical barriers. Bullhorns constant stream of improvements has also given Fuse Recruitment a competitive edge. With the introduction of Bullhorn S Release and improvements search functionality over time, Fuse Recruitment has been able to make more placements directly from the database.


The future looks promising for Fuse Recruitment as it seeks to bolster its insurance arm, a vertical which has already proven profitable and is growing quickly. The company as a whole has been growing up to 40% every year since implementation, and with the recent acquisition of some large contracts, Fuse Recruitment expects to double in size within two years. Mathew believes Bullhorn will prove instrumental in managing their forecasted growth to connect consultants and onboard new hires.

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