Harvey Nash Partners with Bullhorn to Enable Unrestricted Growth

Harvey Nash is a global, professional recruiting and information technology outsourcing service provider operating from 40 offices with more than 4,000 employees worldwide. UK-based, Harvey Nash has been building a strong US presence, acquiring multiple companies nationwide, each one bringing with it a different IT legacy and email system. Harvey Nash needed to replace its old and poorly performing systems with one solution that would synchronize its global teams and integrate the new companies quickly. Harvey Nash chose Bullhorn ATS & CRM for its US enterprise-wide staffing and recruiting software. Bullhorn ATS & CRM enables Harvey Nash’s US offices to communicate and collaborate with contacts, candidates, colleagues, and clients in real-time to generate, source and fill job orders, at any time and from anyplace.

The Challenge

Underperforming and incompatible systems of newly acquired companies needed to be replaced and all operations integrated, and disparate systems prohibited Harvey Nash from leveraging existing company data, improving sales process management, and boosting candidate sourcing capabilities. As a global organization, a solution was required that was accessible at any time and from anywhere, easy to support, and quick to implement. Harvey Nash needed a faster way to parse resumes and make them searchable within the databases of email, calendars, and recruiting tools, while the ability to integrate with new social networking phenomena such as LinkedIn and ZoomInfo was becoming increasingly important.

The Solution

Bullhorn ATS & CRM combines all applications Harvey Nash needs into one fully-integrated front office solution which includes email, sourcing, applicant tracking, calendaring, task management, job management, and customer relationship management tools. Bullhorn synchronizes sales and recruiting to generate, source, and fill job orders in real-time at any time and from anyplace. Delivered through Software-as-a-Service, Bullhorn handles all system support and development. Product upgrades are instantaneous and included in the monthly cost. Additionally, Bullhorn automatically parses resumes into the integrated applicant tracking system where they are matched against job orders, thus streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

The Results

Sourcing and Placing Candidates

With Bullhorn, Harvey Nash’s multiple offices are now on the same page through all steps of the process, increasing productivity, and closing more sales.

Generating Job Orders

Bullhorn ATS & CRM enables the nationwide offices to better share sales and prospect data, increasing cross-selling, and company-wide lead generation. Every candidate and job order-related communication is automatically visible to the entire team.

Communication and Collaboration

Thanks to Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Harvey Nash’s entire nationwide team has access to all client and candidate information in real-time, at any time and from anyplace in one fully integrated solution.

Scalability/Growing the Business

The Bullhorn automated database allowed Harvey Nash to transform disparate databases of several hundred resumes per office into a single, 100 percent searchable database of 250,000-plus candidates.

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