Founded in 2002 and based in Florida, HealthCare Support is a national recruitment firm focused solely on staffing in the healthcare industry, from administrative to executive-level professionals, in both the clinical and non-clinical healthcare space. In 2013, HealthCare Support’s growth made it necessary for them to move to new systems that could keep up with their complex recruiting needs while being user-friendly for both internal and external users. They began using Bullhorn ATS & CRM in 2013 along with timeshEASY software for onboarding, time/expense capture, and invoicing (later acquired by Bullhorn).

The Challenge

Heather Roberts says that prior to having Bullhorn Onboarding, the greatest cause of stress for the Back Office team, “more than anything,” was the constant calls from confused candidates. A large percentage of HealthCare Support’s placed candidates do not have computers. Many candidates need to go to the library to use a computer. Therefore, it was imperative that they be able to get all of their applications and paperwork done efficiently, and without much back-and-forth communication with their recruiter. Roberts adds, “We spent a whole lot of time just trouble-shooting.” Problems arose often, and if the software wasn’t working or needed to make updates to the computer, the candidates did not have the rights to do that and would end up stuck and would call in for help.

“You can lose candidates if this process is slow, and we would see that. If we can’t get someone onboarded in a certain time frame, sometimes we’ll lose that start and that’s a huge deal,” Roberts says. Not only was the process inefficient, but it was also costing Healthcare Support valuable time. “Between six people, the team was spending around 30 hours each week on this,” Roberts says. Since Healthcare Support was already leveraging Bullhorn Back Office, adding Bullhorn Onboarding seemed like the perfect solution. A decisive factor in favor of investing in Onboarding was being able to see document statuses, which provided much-needed visibility for recruiters “without constantly bugging the coordinators who are doing the onboarding.”

The Solution

Bullhorn Onboarding

With Bullhorn Onboarding, many of the pains that Healthcare Support initially experienced have gone away, and the team of six is still there, although their day-to-day work differs greatly. With their time freed up, the recruiters are able to handle more responsibilities of a strategic nature and are fielding far fewer calls from confused candidates. When the recruiters do get calls, they pertain to legitimate questions about the forms as opposed to issues accessing the forms, viewing forms on mobile phones, or computer errors. Consequently, Healthcare Support has also become more compliance-driven. They can now audit more effectively, and they have assigned a lead who reviews the information in the system and ensures accuracy. Additionally, if a coordinator leaves the company, Healthcare Support no longer has to worry about things such as document statuses. Roberts says, “We can pick up right where they left off; everything’s in the system; we don’t have to check email inboxes to see if they received documents from candidates; it’s just easy.”

Demo Bullhorn

Roberts feels that the benefits derived from using Onboarding make the company as a whole look more professional. Healthcare Support employees no longer need to determine if candidates will use Docusign, email, mail, or fax to gather all of the necessary documents. Fortunately for HealthCare Support, the onboarding process has ceased to be “super-frustrating” for recruiters, coordinators, and candidates. Roberts says, “I would recommend Onboarding because it has streamlined all of our processes, it’s saved us time and through time, money, and it’s made the whole process just simple and easy for both our candidates and for our coordinators who have to manage this process.”


Bullhorn Back Office

While life before Bullhorn Onboarding was problematic for HealthCare Support, life before Bullhorn Back Office was even more cluttered. Roberts describes this time as “paper, paper, paper…” She used to have timesheets faxed in, and it was cumbersome to have to receive these faxed timesheets, file all of that paperwork, and figure out everything from fees and pay rates to bill rates. Roberts strongly believes that as a recruiter, “Your every minute is money.”  As a recruiter or salesperson, “If you’re sitting down and doing administrative work, it’s the most frustrating thing in the world and you don’t want to do it.”

Before having Bullhorn Back Office, recruiters would have to spend a solid portion of Monday and Tuesday hunting down the timesheets for all their candidates. When a candidate was placed, placed candidate information had to be completed manually, given to Sales, which filled out other fields, and then bundled up and given to Accounting, which added more information and then filed all the paperwork collectively.  To Roberts it was “very paper-heavy” and she insists that, “At this point, I can’t believe we even did it like that!”

The process today is much simpler, with only one person who spends 30 minutes each week activating placements in Bullhorn Back Office. At times recruiters may still have to call a few candidates who don’t have their timesheets in, but the onboarding process is, overall, significantly easier. Back Office operations are no longer a “time-waster” for HealthCare Support. The entire company has demonstrated increases in efficiency while presenting a professional image and providing an incredible candidate experience.

I would recommend Onboarding because it has streamlined all of our processes, it’s saved us time and through time, money, and it’s made the whole process just simple and easy for both our candidates and for our coordinators who have to manage this process.
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