Talent International Stays on Track Globally with Bullhorn + Bullhorn Analytics Integration

Over the last decade, Talent International has recorded unprecedented year-on-year growth and collected 27 industry awards in recognition. Talent International operates as an independently owned business, boasts offices in 16 countries across four continents, and employs over 300 staff with $436m+ in annual revenue. After partnering with Bullhorn Analytics in 2017, Talent International accelerated over two years to add $8.7m in revenue, track a 20% rise in live contractors and an average 15% rise in NFI per consultant.

This is a story of growth between the world’s fastest-growing tech & digital recruiting specialists and the world’s leading growth analytics platform for the recruiting industry.

The Challenge

Leadership needed a way of seeing and actively improving performance across multiple offices, markets, and continents.

As recruiting businesses scale their operations into new offices, markets, and countries, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to run as one. A lack of visibility over performance, disparate ways of reporting, and distance can all play a hand in offices growing as silos rather than as a single, unified organization. People can’t be in multiple places, so how can leadership continue to have a direct impact on performance when they don’t have a physical presence? How do they ensure that every person within their business benefits from their direction and that no corner of the business is overlooked?

It’s a challenge that’s mirrored by every recruiting business on a journey towards becoming a global heavyweight, and one that could be solved by integrating a solution with Talent International’s preexisting Bullhorn solution.

The Solution

Integrating Bullhorn Analytics and Bullhorn to put leadership at the forefront for every individual

Bullhorn Analytics is a multi-purpose analytics platform that’s used differently across a business. It’s a blueprint for consultants to identify their next steps, a way for managers to isolate where micro-training will be most fruitful, and a platform that provides leadership with a vantage point from which they can oversee and influence the entire performance of the company. Sitting seamlessly within the Bullhorn platform, Bullhorn Analytics allows you to drill into any metric or review the real-time performance of any individual, team or client with one or two clicks. Jon Butterfield, CEO & Founder of Talent International, discussed how he uses Bullhorn Analytics to drive growth, “It’s a virtual leadership tool that allows me to run a multi-national company better.” He adds, “I can log-in from my phone at any time and have a headline summary of what’s working well, what’s not, and can make the right decisions in the right places based on that data.”

Bullhorn Analytics goes beyond an activity counter to highlight the actions to revenue that consultants haven’t taken. It creates a benchmark of “what good looks like” for c-suite through to consultant to map the fastest route to cash. Instead of pouring more into the top funnel, the platform uses actionable insights to deconstruct which actions will result in consultants making faster and more profitable placements. Darren Wells, COO, continued by adding that, “Talent International is a company that invests in its people and Bullhorn Analytics is a testament to this.” He adds, “It allows us to go beyond just telling consultants what to do and actually show them how.”

Bullhorn Analytics brings the direction of leadership to the sides of recruiters to focus their time on the right clients, the right jobs coverage and increase contractor redeployment rates.

The biggest benefit of Bullhorn Analytics is having access to that data around the clock, visually, all in one place, to run the business better. Each month we know the activity that’s needed within each team and individual to produce deals.
Talent International

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