TopLine Comms Fosters Better Reporter Relationships with Bullhorn

TopLine Comms is a B2B digital marketing consultancy based in London that helps organizations of all sizes improve the entire business development process through video production, social media marketing, SEO, and public relations. TopLine Comms boasts a team of experts who are trained to help businesses generate the results they want, whether it’s gaining company recognition, attracting inbound leads, increasing conversions, driving engagement, or building customer loyalty.

The Challenge

As agency PR professionals know, the definition of PR is rapidly evolving. Today, PR can encompass everything from social media, to content marketing, to search marketing, and more. What’s more, PR is increasingly intertwined with advertising, marketing, and creative. With multiple divisions and teams operating multiple accounts, managing relationships—both internally with team members and externally with clients and journalists—can be extremely complex and time-consuming. With these needs in mind, TopLine Comms realized it required a CRM system that could address the specific business needs of PR agencies while providing the scalability and performance of a long-established, world-class platform. Luke Budka, director at TopLine Comms, knew that his team needed a way to seamlessly manage and nurture their relationships, which were as diverse as they were complex. The solution TopLine Comms chose was Bullhorn CRM.

The Solution

“Technology is the underpinning to our success,” acknowledged Budka, “so finding great solutions is paramount to our business.” However, nearly all the CRM solutions Budka vetted were ill-equipped to address the unique needs of the PR world. Budka wanted a solution that could help foster better relationships with journalists, as well as enhance the sales pipeline and prospect conversions to clients. Additionally, Budka wanted to implement technology that could streamline communications both internally and externally in a scalable way. Bullhorn CRM addressed all of Budka’s requirements. “This is the first CRM we’ve ever seen that’s actually designed with the communications industry in mind,” he remarked.

The Results

Since implementing Bullhorn, Budka has seen a positive shift in both TopLine Comms’s process management as well as performance. Prospective client data and interactions are now tracked and centrally managed using Bullhorn CRM. Additionally, with Bullhorn CRM, Budka and his team have seen an immeasurable benefit of keeping high-level management informed about and engaged regarding client health. Many CRM systems provide a reactive, static view of existing client relationships. Bullhorn CRM’s real-time customer sentiment and engagement analysis allows agency leaders to determine which accounts are running smoothly and which are in jeopardy before the client even calls.

Bullhorn CRM provides automated email tracking for TopLine Comms that enables teams to communicate journalist preferences and outreach status, as well as share pitching tips and contact information across individuals and teams. This has resulted in an increase in top-tier press coverage for clients across accounts. “With Bullhorn, no longer will you be an ‘agency of a thousand lists,’” said Budka. “All contacts, both business and media, are stored centrally, with all emails to and from saved against their records, alongside contact notes. Bullhorn CRM improves media outreach and client management by making contact history instantly accessible.” In addition to better relationships with journalists, using email tracking software has enabled TopLine Comms to automate its client and journalist data entry, saving countless hours in manual tracking, creating a centrally accessible trove of knowledge capital. Understanding how best to engage a particular journalist is as easy as pulling up the most recent successful pitch sent to that person, regardless of account. By seamlessly integrating this software across its teams, TopLine Comms has eliminated barriers to entry and achieved 100% adoption among employees.

This is the first CRM we’ve ever seen that’s actually designed with the communications industry in mind.
Luke Budka TopLine Comms

The Future

TopLine Comms’s business is growing, and Budka is confident that Bullhorn CRM will grow alongside them. “Bullhorn’s been in the cloud business for 15 years so you know you’re in safe hands,” stated Budka, “and because it’s a True Cloud platform, there are no servers to install; you open any browser, log in, and away you go.” Bullhorn’s ease-of use has allowed TopLine Comms to onboard new team members quickly and effortlessly with immediate results. As for other PR agencies looking to increase prospect conversions, improve relationships with journalists, and save valuable time? “We’d encourage all agencies to demo the platform,” Budka stated, “because I bet you have the same jaw-dropping ‘but it’s the first time we’ve seen software designed for us’ experience we did!”

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