Is your firm looking to purchase an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the evaluation process?

Is your firm looking to purchase or upgrade an applicant tracking system? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the evaluation process?

Today, staffing and recruiting firms face a variety of unique challenges, as well as deal with the realities of a tight economy and a recruiting landscape that is constantly changing. Additionally, increased competition and client service demands have made an efficient and secure workflow an even more critical business issue.

Recruiting technology is specifically built to accelerate recruiting processes and enable recruiting teams to collaborate more effectively. Clearly, a more productive and efficient team makes more placements and therefore grows more revenue. While recruiting firms have long been dependent on different and disparate technologies to produce results, they have only recently become more reliant on fully integrated systems that can tie them all together. Many recruiting firms have learned that using multiple disconnected systems results in redundancy and poor data quality due to natural human error.

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By fully automating the recruiting process with an applicant tracking system, recruiting and staffing professionals are able to spend more time building the relationships that drive their business and less time shuffling paper, manually searching the internal database, and combing the web for qualified candidates. A fully integrated system will improve the speed at which a firm operates, which can increase revenue by as much as 35%

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In searching for the right solution, recruiting firms can scour numerous ATS reviews and comparisons to learn more about industry vendors and their products. Many firms understand that hearing directly from customers and learning about their experiences with different vendors can greatly contribute to the overall decision as to which solution to purchase.

Reading an ATS review will give your firm more insight into the vendor’s reputation with its clients, which is extremely important to understand. After all, you’re looking for a software provider that has a good reputation for supporting its product. You can also look into client references and testimonials as you make your recruiting software comparisons. It may take some time and energy on your end to evaluate an ATS review, but it will be well worth the effort. If you find a positive general consensus across all sources, then you will feel more confident purchasing a solution from the chosen vendor.

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What to Consider Before Purchasing an ATS

Other things to consider as you evaluate different ATS solutions include workflow management, mobile access, business intelligence, and social recruiting offerings. The functionality you prioritize all greatly depends on your firm’s requirements. As you define your requirements, think about the things that your current workflow may lack now that you’d like to see in the new system. Consider your team’s goals and use this information to evaluate different ATS solutions.

Before you even sit through a demo, make sure you have read ATS systems reviews and discussed your firm’s challenges with the vendor so they thoroughly understand your needs. Walk them through your recruiting process and inform them of the areas you’d like to improve. You want the ATS solution to work the way your recruiters work so they can perform at optimum efficiency. Improving speed in the placement process has an immediate impact on top-line growth. In fact, 57% of candidates who are successfully placed are submitted by recruiters within the first 24 hours, according to the Ultimate Revenue Roadmap.

Despite the intricate process of evaluating multiple solutions, it’s important to spend the right amount of time researching in order to find a system that is a good fit for your organization. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on a solution that doesn’t meet the needs of your firm in the long run. Do the hard work up front. It will pay off in the end.

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