3DIQ for Bullhorn is a recruiter’s secret weapon. This powerful, fully-automated, resume submission platform cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires for your recruiting business.

Designed to fully integrate with Bullhorn, 3DIQ is a plug-in-and-go tool that allows you to work within the ATS. Recruiters can now easily edit, format, submit, and get real-time responses from clients. Created BY recruiters FOR recruiters, 3DIQ for Bullhorn starts at just $35 per user with no implementation fees + a FREE 30-Day trial. Message us for a demo today!

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Platform: Bullhorn

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3DIQ Makes Bullhorn More Powerful

3DIQ FOR BULLHORN ADDS SUBMITTAL SUPERPOWERS TO BULLHORN RECRUITING. 3DIQ for Bullhorn works directly within the Bullhorn ATS. This candidate management system will simplify your workflow and make your recruiting agency more profitable. 3DIQ is purpose-built to work within Bullhorn without every having to leave the ATS – MINIMAL distractions & MAXIMUM transparency.

3DIQ for Bullhorn is Affordable!

Starting at just $35/user, with no implementation fees + a 30-day FREE trial, it’s a no-brainer to increase placements by 10%. This Bullhorn recruitment tool is powerful AND affordable. 3DIQ also comes equipped with a robust client portal that allows you to:

  • Create and manage client contact logins (enable/disable access, reset passwords) from Bullhorn
  • Easily control who sees resumes through password protected login
  • Give clients the ability to view all of their candidates in one place
  • Give HR managers access to all jobs and candidates
  • Share candidate status updates with clients (submission, interviewing, rejected, placed, etc.) in real time
  • Brand with your staffing company’s logo
  • Secure your candidate’s data and protect sensitive information

3DIQ For Bullhorn Saves You Time & Money

3DIQ for Bullhorn cuts client response time by 50%! Speeds up the decision making process, allowing you to close more placements.

  • Encourage & Record Feedback: When clients respond to resumes feedback is logged and you’re notified.
  • Seamless Communication: Client interactions flow back and forth with automatic Bullhorn tracking.
  • Mobile Friendly Experience: There’s no app to install, no login to remember. Just click and view talent.
  • Edit Right Within Bullhorn: Optimize resumes without having to convert them or even leave the tool.
  • Branding That Stands Out: Make first impressions count with professional, attractive resumes.

3DIQ For Bullhorn Gives You Instant Notifications

With 3DIQ for Bullhorn, see which clients are viewing candidate resumes & when. 3DIQ for Bullhorn expedites the entire resume review process, cutting client response time in half! Features include:

1. Automated client submission, candidate rejection, and view and feedback notes.
2. Resume expiration notifications and security.
3. Valuable insights such as resume view time, location, and user information.

With instant notifications, recruiters get alerted right away when resumes are viewed. Feedback tools allow clients to approve resumes in real time.


3DIQ for Bullhorn Leverages Artificial Intelligence

With 3DIQ for Bullhorn, professional recruiters get valuable business intelligence from Artificial Intelligence-driven candidate ranking and reporting. Our AI Technology ensures that you will only see the candidates that are the best fit and moves the best matched candidates to the top of the list, making sure that you see the best candidates first. Artificial Intelligence eliminates endless hours of work sorting through resumes and gets the best candidates in front of your clients quicker.

3DIQ for Bullhorn Provides Automatic Branding

3DIQ for Bullhorn’s recruiting software makes resumes look clean, consistent and professional in an instant. 3DIQ for Bullhorn's automated branding makes your candidates stand out and makes it much easier for your clients to see the most important information to determine if a candidate is the right fit. The most relevant information in a format that is highly professional and organized!


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