Best-in-Class Customer Support

Our live support team is available 24/7 for both clients and candidates via mobile-optimized LiveChat, phone and email. These highly trained and knowledgeable resources resolve 90% of questions on the first call and have a 97% Candidate satisfaction rate. For Clients, Accurate’s dedicated account managers deliver fast, accurate support to ensure SLAs and goals are consistently met.





Commitment to Compliance

We are compliance specialists with an in-house team dedicated to researching the ever-evolving compliance landscape and educating our staff and clients on Federal and local changes in laws that impact the background screening industry. Our solution is embedded with triggers and an automated workflow to keep your organization’s screening program in compliance, including compliance forms management, electronic disclosure and authorization, automated adjudication, and electronic Pre/Post-Adverse Action notification distribution. With our in-depth focus on compliance research, we bring a consultative and educational approach to develop a background program that fulfills your client’s unique needs and executes current best practices.


Differentiating Technology

Accurate’s technology suite is shaped by user demand, optimized efficiencies, and evolving industry trends. Client vision and satisfaction are the blueprint for our technology roadmap. Our industry-leading technology offers your clients on-going cost reductions and greater efficiencies. With Accurate, your clients will have several tools at their disposal that will immediately streamline and simplify the screening process for them and their candidates including Automated Compliance Tools, Mobile Optimized Candidate Portal, Automated Adjudication, Two-Pass Integration, and API Integration.





Intuitive Mobile Candidate Experience

The user experience is always on the forefront of our technology roadmap. Our mobile optimized service enables candidates to submit their background information, sign their consent with the touch of a finger, receive special jurisdiction forms, access the status of their background check, contact LiveChat, and upload essential documents, all from their mobile phone or tablet.


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