Find better candidates faster

By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Actonomy’s flagship platform – called xMP – allows to search on many more criteria simultaneously than what user typically do with ‘Boolean Search’. The result : more suitable candidates can be found thanks to the usage of synonyms, related concepts and concepts that can implicitly be derived from candidate profiles!


Tight integration & simplicity of use

The Actonomy Match plugin allows you to get the results of the match into hotlists and shortlist, so the candidates can be selected and processed further in the Bullhorn application.
Although the AI technology uses complex algorithms to expand the searches, the user sees only the simplicity : click on Actonomy Match and get the best candidates for your vacancy.


Matches explained

The Actonomy Match engine is not only getting the user the best candidates for a vacancy, it will also tell the user why those candidates have been picked. The result list is sorted by score and the user is able to dig into the details of that scoring, to find out why each candidate has been picked. Based on that information, candidates can be selected for further follow-up.


Searching external sources

The Actonomy Search plugin allow you to perform candidate searches externally on LinkedIn, Xing, Indeed, VDAB,…… The same enriched queries are used : those external sources are searched using synonyms to deliver better results.

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