Bullhorn and Adapt ROI and Adoption Training

We deliver some of the best Bullhorn and Adapt training. Our focus is to deliver sustainable sourcing and sales.

Your recruiters need to convert more leads, source talent faster, proactively manage accounts, protect pipelines, make more placements, and be more profitable. They need to see your CRM as a critical recruitment tool, not simply a data store.

“We knew of Barclay Jones and needed an expert in Bullhorn. What was clear – Barclay Jones are all about ROI. Their combination of enthusiasm and expertise has massively helped to win people over. They are a breath of fresh air! They did more than simply help us with Bullhorn Training; they have helped us shape the strategic direction of the business.”


Bullhorn and Recruitment Technology Stack Review

Is your tech delivering profit? Or, do you have:
• Too much data, not enough information?
• Too many applicants, not enough candidates?
• Too many jobs, not enough placements?
• Too many systems, not enough process?

Recruitment and IT leaders ask us for help to get their recruitment tech to deliver improved speed and pipeline. We’ll review what you have, and tell you what you need, often saving you significant budget and time.

“Would I recommend Barclay Jones? Absolutely. They couldn’t do enough for us. If you’re looking to lift the lid on your recruitment business and suggest improvements and move forward, Barclay Jones is perfect for that.”


Recruitment Training - Recruitment HIIT

Dirty Data, Poor Processes, Expensive Systems?

Growing a recruitment business is hard. Attrition is high, fees are lower, and competition is harder than ever.

Your coolest tool is The Recruiter. They need to be more productive. HIIT will help.

Improve productivity by 30-40% and sales by 29% with continuous training and effective use of systems. Our 5-10 minute, high intensity interval training drives an engaged team and sustainable recruitment business.

“Barclay Jones are the most professional trainers that we have come across. Now we have a partner who understands our recruitment business, our systems, and how we use them.”


Recruitment Marketing Academy

Recruitment marketing needs to be sales-led. We deliver innovative and commercially-focused mentoring and training to help recruiters and their marketers be more successful, and generate real ROI.

• Recruitment Leaders want to improve growth and profit.
• Recruitment Marketers want to improve brand, and generate leads.
• Recruiters want to improve their talent pools, lead conversions, speed and effectiveness.

“My advice: get their help to get leaders to see value of marketing, or indeed you are a leader or marketer who is not getting value from marketing. They helped me moved from tactics to strategy, and have been a big part of mine, my team’s development, and company’s journey.”

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