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Deep 2-way Interoperability

Consultants using Colleago get more done in less time. They better utilize, engage and retain their temporary and contract staff.

The interoperability between Colleago and Bullhorn is market-leading. Many of the features that make Bullhorn a class-leading CRM/ATS and functionality such as Automation, Analytics, and Compliance, are supported by Colleago. You even integrate with multiple Job Tracks.

Whether you use Colleago within Bullhorn, log in directly, or use the Mobile app when you are on the go, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that all the important information, such as shift details, submissions and placement details are instantly created or updated in Bullhorn.

Colleago integrates with Astute Payroll and may integrate with your back-office platform. Or simply use the detailed downloadable timesheet reports.


Agency Inspired Functionality and Features

In only moments, you can create, select and publish shifts and schedules. Effortless editing and managing functionality will keep you in control. The growing suite of features include:

  • An informative dashboard and views.
  • Geolocated work travel preferences.
  • Attendance management with geolocated check-in/out.
  • Timesheet submission & management,
  • Automated and Manual booking confirmation/vetting form emails to clients.
  • Instant shift and schedule acceptance confirmations or EOI.
  • Shift cherry-picking in schedules,

Use the mobile apps to create and fill shifts when they are on the move knowing that Colleago will create the job in Bullhorn and populate the submission and placement records.

Let us show you how Colleago can transform your staffing business.

3 x Mobile screens

Work-life changing for Temporary Personnel and Contractors

Go the extra distance for your people. Simply, invite them to use Colleago via Bullhorn. They’ll receive an SMS that leads them directly to Colleago in the App/Play store. They download the App and log in. It can’t get any easier. No accounts to create or profiles to build. Smart and easy!

Mobile App features include:

  • Everything they need to know about offered shifts and the ability to RSVP.
  • Their booked, completed, missed, and cancelled shifts.
  • Work travel distance management.
  • iOS and Android.

If enabled, they can check In and Out when they’re onsite and submit and manage their timesheets.

Let us show you how Colleago will benefit your people.

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