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Use Invenias within LinkedIn and other websites

Coral Starfish integrates Invenias with LinkedIn and other sites such as Xing, enabling you to work with your existing Invenias records directly within these supported websites.

Go to a supported website of your choice and whilst viewing someone’s online profile, open Coral Starfish to check if this person is already in your Invenias database. If they are already in your database, Coral Starfish will show you a summary of their Invenias data including:

  • contact information
  • assignments
  • programmes
  • journal items

Not only can you view data on existing records, you can update these records too directly from the website you’re currently using…

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Update existing records in a variety of ways

Instead of constantly switching between the Invenias App and your website of choice, for example LinkedIn, use Coral Starfish instead.

You can work with existing Invenias records in multiple ways:

  • Add to other records such as:
    • Assignments filling in progress related fields such as progress status, progress notes and other fields.
    • Programmes filling in similar progress related fields
  • Update progress in Assignments, updating all the same progress fields
  • Add additional journal entries to the record such as notes and phone logs
  • Upload a newly received CV
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Quickly add new records to Invenias

If the current person you’re viewing isn’t in your Invenias database, quickly add them, choosing to keep just the first position or the entire position history.

You can match positions to existing companies, create new company records or even create positions without companies.

All data management fields configured in Invenias will be presented, ensuring all required fields are entered as part of the record creation process.

Once new records have been created, add them to assignments and more, in the same way you can work with existing records (as above).

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Download now to start a free trial

Start a free trial of Coral Starfish today!

You can sign up for a free trial without having to speak to anyone at Coral Starfish and without having to enter any details (payment or otherwise) upfront. We strongly believe you should try the product for free before you buy to see the value for yourself.

Simply go to the Chrome Web Store, search for “”Coral Starfish””, install the extension, then follow the steps in the product to get started.

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