Customizable Skills Tests


Staffing agencies have unlimited access to thousands of subject- and job-based assessments in the eSkill Test Library. They can use pre-prepared tests or create customized skills tests that are a perfect match for each of their clients’ job roles by choosing questions from various assessments, and can even add their own questions if needed. They can also include simulation questions that replicate a client’s work environment and video questions so they can evaluate verbal communication skills, foreign language abilities, and situational judgment.





Identify Top Candidates Quickly


Test results are color-coded so recruiters can easily see which candidates are best qualified and promptly present them to clients. They can eliminate those who do not meet the job requirements or suggest other opportunities that might be a better fit. Staffing agencies can also easily identify qualified candidates they might have missed by drilling deeper into test results to analyze questions by the level of difficulty. They can use eSkill’s reporting functionality to create professional summaries and candidate analyses to share with clients.


Easy to Set Up and Use


eSkill is so easy to use that staffing agencies can set up a branded talent assessment platform and start creating tests immediately. All the information they need is accessible from an easy-to-use dashboard that offers direct links to tests, results, and reports. They can see all top candidates for a given test, a specific range of test scores, results for a specific test, or a results breakdown of their most active tests. And if they have a question or need help, they can instantly contact their dedicated Assessment Expert.





Ensure Compliance and Eliminate Subjective Bias


eSkill offers the most accurate tests for pre-employment selection and skills gap assessment, which means staffing agencies can help clients minimize risk and avoid costly hiring “mistakes.” A test must be valid and relevant to the job requirements to be effective. Since it is possible for recruiters to create customized, multi-faceted assessments based on a job requirements analysis, they can create tests that are more relevant and compliant than they could use a rigid test design. This is why eSkill has a perfect compliance record after 15 years of assessing millions of candidates – the best in the industry.


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