Automate the manual parts of your business day and drive more qualified leads with optimised Job Ads.

Now, you can automate the manual task of writing job Ads and remove the burden on sales consultants who were hired to find, influence and place candidates – not to create, write or copy and paste Job Ads. Our evidence shows, that with our automation, you’ll increase productivity by 69%, and produce more live Job ADs on your career site, and the Job Boards. This leads to a higher retention rate of Recruitment Consultants, freeing them up for the parts of the job they most enjoy. The average time saved per consultant in Q1 2022 was 8.6 hours per week. That’s 8.6 hours of not having to write, copy and paste or plagiarise Job Ads. How more placements will they make in this time?

Become DE&I compliant. Get-Optimal takes care of inclusion for you.

At Optimal, all optimised Job Ads include a reduction in bias across all the Protected Characteristics Groups. This means you’ll attract and place more diverse candidates from a wider pool of applicants. Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people and is sensitive to differences – promoting equitable and equal opportunities. It helps you, the client, demonstrate that you’re an authentic employer. Become a visible authentic employer today, and start to make a dent in your Diversity, equity and inclusion targets.

In Q3 & Q4 combined GO customers had a 21% increase in female candidates.

When was the last time you optimised your Job Ads for the way candidates search online for Jobs? We create compelling and SEO rich content for your Job Ads.

Optimal ensures your content communicates your message, requirements, and personality type for your role. It also works to educate your readers (candidates) and influences them to apply to your company over the competition. Get-Optimal helps staffing businesses automate and optimise Job Ads for diversity and inclusion to generate more quality leads in our challenging hiring environment. In Q4 2021 Get-Optimal global customer base saw an increased performance in terms of view to the application; on average a 24% increase.

Are you maximising your marketing investment and creating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) value for your Job Ads? What about your website?

The higher you rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) online (think, LinkedIn, TJ and the more traffic (candidates) your site will generate organically. This results in more of the right candidates clicking on your Job Ads (higher on the page) before they view a competitor.

On average, Staffing providers only have 28% of workable Job Ads live on their own websites. This reduces the number of Jobs candidates can view. Working with Get-Optimal can increase the volume of Job Ads live on your website by 40% in month 1. Get on average 80% of Job Ads live leading to a reduction and reliance on 3rd party traffic.

Deliver a consistent Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for your company and the clients that you represent.

Did you know the average Job Ad has 9 spelling, grammar and punctuation errors? Consistent messaging means job seekers are more likely to consider your brand to be dependable and/or trustworthy. This is integral to your brand identity and building loyalty. Job Ads have to be clear of spelling, grammar and other alerts. Optimal can help you offer consistent messaging, increasing clicks and conversions on your Job Ads, today.

Get your 12-month Get-Optimal annual subscription

Get-Optimal is an annual licensed-based product priced on volume and user numbers. We make our product and pricing very transparent, inclusive, and affordable. We have subscriptions to suit all business and user types, and it only takes you 15 minutes to get started. No technical wizardry is required. You upload your Job description, Job Ad or raw text.

Our artificial intelligence engines optimise the Job Ad in real-time, and then you download it and post it out to job boards or social networks. We work with all companies in all English language-based countries and have a variety of staffing provider companies and in-house TA teams. There is also the opportunity to white-label our SaaS (software as a service) technology for larger organisations.

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