Goodbye Candidate Rejection

Regularly feel rejected when approaching candidates? You are not alone…Rejection is no longer just a trend limited to the dating world. With email engagement rates at 2.18% candidates reject and ghost recruiters all the time. We knew we weren’t the only ones experiencing this, so we decided to put a stop to it and build a solution. Say hello to Hinterview!

Hinterview gives your recruiters the ability to record and send videos to candidates. The word ‘video’ in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and video content in the email receives an increase click-through rate by 96%. It’s simple. Your candidates want video, use Hinterview to meet your candidate demands.

“Candidate came back saying it’s the best approach they have seen and gave their cv.”

– LVI Associates


Business Productization to Win New Clients

“What makes you different from other agencies?…How do you add value to the process?…How can you reach candidates we can’t?”

Tired of hearing those responses when pitching for retainers and exclusivity? So were we, a tool was needed to give consultants the confidence and USP when pitching for exclusive business. Hinterview is that tool! With Hinterview your consultants set themselves apart, as they can now shorten the hiring process by 60% through reducing the need to conduct phone screenings and cut straight to face-to-face meetings. Use Hinterview to send candidate video profiles which provide a deeper insight and demonstrate skillsets that go beyond the standard CV. Your client can watch these videos on any device at any time. Use these solutions to win that new business.

“We increased our rates by 2%”
– Pier Recruitment


Personalise Your Messaging at Superhero Speed

Feel like you’re being spammed by sales emails day in day out…well so do your clients. Innovation is no longer a “nice idea” it’s a “must” if you want to get through to your clients. 1st: Stop writing and hitting your clients with endless text emails. 2nd: Start using Hinterview to record and send tailored videos to clients. 59% executives would rather watch a video than read text. Give your clients what they want with that personalised feel.

“Sent a Hinterview to a client who loved it so much, they believed they could trust the consultant more and agreed to have no more screening calls and just have face-to-face interviews”

– Allegis

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