450 + Bullhorn implementations completed

As Bullhorn’s largest global System Integration Partner, we’ve mastered the art of pain-free Bullhorn implementations.

We don’t do ‘lift and shift’ – our team of experts use their deep knowledge of Bullhorn’s capabilities and best practices to ensure that your system is setup not only for your current needs but can move with your business as you evolve. We can even customise it to solve your unique challenges.

We’ll also support you with the critical (but often overlooked) change management aspect of your project so that your team are ready to go when go live day comes.

And the project doesn’t end there – we go the extra mile by supporting you with post-go live care to ensure a seamless transition. You’re in safe hands with Kyloe!

"Kyloe were excellent at explaining the capabilities, and we were very grateful for the level of Bullhorn knowledge they had, which we were able to benefit from throughout the project.." - talentpath Recruitment

Acquisitions and divestments

Migrating data onto Bullhorn following a merger or acquisition, or splitting an existing database following divestment, can be a major job. Our data engineers have extensive experience of combining and splitting databases, without business disruption or loss of key information.

Consulting and process review

Our creative solutions are designed by our team of Bullhorn experts to solve your complex challenges, enabling you to unlock Bullhorn’s true potential.

A truly custom experience, our consultants listen to your challenges, understand your goals, undertake a full workflow analysis. From there, we’ll give you recommendations on how you can map Bullhorn to your business processes and suggest best practices for improved efficiency.

Let us know your pain points and we’ll help you overcome them.

"I would highly recommend partnering with Kyloe. Our project team were extremely knowledgeable on what was a very complex project." - Brightwater Recruitment Specialists

Data updates

As one of your most valuable assets, your database sits at the heart of your business, from sourcing candidates and tracking job status, to building relationships and improving candidate experience.

But for it to be useful, it needs to be clean. Get maximum value by tapping into our extensive knowledge about data best practices, Bullhorn capabilities, and data engineering possibilities.

Whether you need to import data into Bullhorn safely and securely or would like to update the data you already have in there, we can help.

In a rush? To help make the data update process faster we’ve used our years of knowledge to create Kyloe DataTools, which enables us to roll out your data updates at unmatched speed.

Solutions include:

  • One-time data updates
  • Field and skill-code remapping
  • De-duplication
  • Data quality analysis and cleanse
  • Post go-live uploads / system merges
  • Bullhorn to Bullhorn copies
  • Clean up ahead of automation
  • Data health checks
They understood what we do, our challenges, and our pressures to the extent that it felt like we were all on one team working towards a shared goal! - RFG Staffing


Join up your processes and integrate systems within your business.
We provide project management, configuration and system alignment services for clients looking to utilise one of Bullhorn’s pre-built integrations in the Bullhorn marketplace and we can help you integrate external applications like Xero and Hubspot with Bullhorn.

Bullhorn Automation enablement and management

Whether you need help getting setup on Bullhorn Automation or need expertise to get maximum value from your existing investment, our Bullhorn Automation experts can help.

When you choose Kyloe for Bullhorn Automation, you get the advantage of our deep knowledge of the recruitment industry, and the capabilities of automation.

If you’re new to Bullhorn Automation we’ll go through the full system setup and branding with you. This includes:

  • Joint automation build calls
  • Analyse workshop
  • Metrics review
  • Fundamentals of Bullhorn Automation training
  • Knowledge quiz

For those already using Bullhorn Automation, save on your internal resource by working with one of our dedicated experts. Our management package includes process review and recommendations, automation build and management, data management and cleansing.

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