The fastest way to create pages, portals and apps on Bullhorn

The Minggo platform has everything you need to create portals, apps and pages without developers. From a fully branded client and candidate portal, proposal portal and interview planner to freelance platforms or mobile recruitment apps. Create whatever you want for your recruiters, candidates, and clients needs with drag & drop. Extremely easy, super fast.

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Digitize your entire process

Digitize every manual step in the candidate and client journey with a portal or automation.

You can add endless functionalities, just like:

  • Application forms
  • Screening questions
  • Availability submission
  • Vacancy proposal
  • Registration pages
  • Proposing candidates
  • Create job openings
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As easy as Lego

With Minggo, anyone from recruiter to marketer can create touchpoints and apps for clients and candidates. Start from a template or use the drag & drop app builder to create your dream app, without developer.

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Use Minggo as a no-code platform

Use the data from the ATS, planning, matching or mid-office and combine it in a recruitment portal tailored to your business. Give clients and candidates access to the data and services they need and save time.


React and innovate faster

Minggo gives you the freedom and flexibility to respond instantly to customer and market needs. Digitize and optimize your processes and digital experiences continuously, and grow without limits.

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