Marketing Strategy

The days of single-tactic marketing are dead. There is no get-rich-quick scheme or one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. The staffing and recruiting industry continues to evolve, and those that are embracing digital strategy and digital transformation are far outpacing their competitors. Parqa Marketing works with its clients as an outsourced CMO and strategic business partner to truly understand the needs of the business and create customized solutions to help them grow. We leverage databases, technologies, analytics and digital platforms to help our clients provide the best experience to clients and candidates and run the most scalable and efficient firms possible.


Marketing Technology Optimization

The staffing and recruiting world is seeing innovative marketing technologies and tools coming onto the market and being adopted like never before. With the myriad options being put in front of leaders, it is hard to know what to choose, how to implement, and whether or not they are driving results for your business. Parqa Marketing takes a strategic five-step approach to technology optimization that allows businesses to look at their technology from all angles and ensure that their investment leads to real return.


Brand Credibility

Your brand should be your best salesperson. Like any great salesperson, your brand should make an outstanding first impression, effectively communicate your message, demonstrate the value of your services and cultivate trust with clients and candidates. At Parqa Marketing, we help staffing and recruiting firms develop and optimize their brand to provide a consistent experience to the clients and candidates they serve.


Online Visibility

How can your firm increase your online visibility and get found? With a dedicated SEO, social media, and content strategy from Parqa Marketing. As a marketing agency that exclusively serves the staffing and recruiting industry, we have the roadmap to place your brand in front of client and candidate leads by creating impactful content that is relevant and extremely valuable to your target audience.

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Lead Generation

Inbound marketing creates a personalized channel to sell the value and expertise of your staffing or recruiting firm to clients and candidates in your market. From introducing your brand to mapping how your solutions solve their challenges, inbound marketing will guide leads through the buyer’s cycle creating a holistic and positive experience throughout. At Parqa Marketing, we take a strategic approach to full funnel marketing that includes rich content creation, paid advertising, and marketing automation to meet your buyers where they are in the buying process.

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