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Simple and intuitive

Candidates jump to the WhatsApp application via a link in the job posting or by scanning a QR code. Once there, they proceed intuitively through the automated PitchYou interview. Conducting an interview is more fun than formulating CVs and cover letters. Selfies and videos create a personal impression. Thanks to gamification elements, 87% of all applicants finish a PitchYou interview they have started.

WhatsApp messages are read within max. 15 minutes and answered quickly. The built-in referral marketing provides up to 20% more applicants. The PitchYou matching algorithm allows your employees to identify suitable candidates immediately. Reports can be viewed at any time and downloaded as an Excel file.

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High-quality applications

Request exact, decision-relevant information in a structured way. Your employees do not have to use WhatsApp for this, they only use the PitchYou application – GDPR compliant! The ready-made questionnaires are sent to the candidates automatically. Candidates can apply whenever they feel like it, and receive direct feedback anytime and anywhere – 24/7!

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Digital Media

Applicants and recruiters can send and receive photos, videos, scans and voice memos. Learn more about your applicants by integrating the upload option.

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Documents can be attached – if wanted

Your candidates can add a CV or certificates if they are required.

Language Diversity

PitchYou interviews are available in all languages thanks to the integrated automatic translation function. This means that applicants do not even face any language barriers in the first place.

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Do you want to get a glimpse?

Our colleague Yogev Cohen explains as an example how to work with PitchYou and Bullhorn native. PitchYou also works with Bullhorn Salesforce. If you want to know more, we are happy to help!

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