Build your survey and measure CES, CSAT & NPS

Our survey builder lets you create your questionnaire within minutes. We provide you with 20+ question types you can use with one click: CES, CSAT, NPS (standard/EU), and many more. We love to help you maximise your response rate. Use hidden fields and prefill these fields with data from your message’s verified source to save time and create the best insights possible. Let your respondents skip a question – or two – to route them to the exact questions you’d like them to answer. No time to waste. Negative respondents provide valuable feedback, so we thank them. But we don’t ask them for a review, of course.

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Send personalised messages for high response

Collect feedback via all channels you’re communicating with your stakeholders: email, text, and QR, for example. Email is – still – one of the best converting communication channels out there. We help you get the most out of this channel. You can choose from many proven email templates including personalised email signature that’s dynamically filled with your users’ info. Also, don’t hesitate to make use of SMS as it’s opened almost always, and can be a huge enabler for your communication team. Finally, our QR generator lets you distribute surveys in the offline world, one of the most important channels for many businesses like yours.

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Take action with your all-in-one feedback inbox

The all-in-one feedback inbox lets you process feedback in one go. Start your day like a champion: with feedback for breakfast. Your feedback is automatically tagged with its source, event type, and sentiment to help you save valuable time. You can filter feedback per user or team, open or closed feedback, and assignee to help you work as effectively as possible. Make sure feedback is heard by your colleague(s) in question and let them process feedback personally if you want to. Let your stakeholders know you’re taking feedback seriously by replying to it and ultimately closing the feedback loop.

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Valuable insights via real-time alerts & reports

Make sure you and your respondent get a notification whenever feedback is left. Set up alerts for other stakeholders, too. Aggregate, filter and analyse data you’ve collected in real-time dashboards and reports that you can share with any colleague, customer, or partner. We provide you with CSAT, NPS, comparison, journey, and many more out-of-the-box dashboards and reports right away. You can also export any report. We provide you with extensive filtering, customisation, and visualisation: plot your feedback on a map, providing you a bird’s eye view of your business. Rank almost all data types via our leaderboard report to compare candidates, users, teams, branches, offices, and countries.

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Spread the word via widgets & reviews

The best way to proof that you provide value with your products and services are verified reviews. Copy/paste our pre-built widgets, and you’re done! Customise colors, show, hide or anonymise respondents’ names, customise your widget’s URL and decide what reviews you’d like to show with filters. Need something we don’t currently offer in our pre-built widgets? Build anything you like with our extensive API & webhooks. Expensive to grow your business via search and socials? Not if you do it organically. Use rich snippets and native reviews as a recipe for great success and business growth at almost no costs.


Plug-and-play via pre-built triggers and actions

Ask for feedback or a review on autopilot right after something happened within Bullhorn, e.g. whenever a candidate or placement status changes. The organiser of the appointment or task or the owner of the candidate or customer will be the sender of your messages. This way, messages feel human and high response rates are ensured. We can automatically update custom fields within Bullhorn, making sure your native data in Bullhorn is up-to-date with the latest experience data. And it can be used for filtering and searching as well. Nice, right? We support embedded charts, dashboards and tabs for both candidates and customers, so a unified experience is guaranteed for your recruiters.

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