We combine technology & unique data sets to drive Recruitment effectiveness, identify skills development for individual consultants and improve the Candidate & Client Experience.

We do this by providing you with the tools and interface for recruitment teams, shining lights on their blind spots to better serve the talent eco-system.

We exist to help Recruitment Professionals and Recruitment leaders better understand their interactions within the talent value chain.

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Dashboards with all the data you need

No more guesswork, no more gut feel, analyse and understand a wide range of data metrics, provided by candidates and clients on every consultant in your business. Know exactly the good, the areas that need improvement and how you benchmark to the rest of the industry.

Every user has access to dashboards of their teams and own individual results that include:

Word Clouds, Skills Development, Testimonials, Data Profile (benchmarking data), poor experiences, My Team dashboards, consultant dashboards, candidate and client feedback results, response rates, rankings and so much more…

Automated, Relevant and Timely Candidate & Client feedback

Draw on the strength of the relationship that each consultant develops with their candidates and clients with branded and personalised feedback pages and better understand how engaged everyone is in the process.

Purpose built for the staffing industry, we assess the experience every individual consultant provides with up to 90 skills across Permanent, Temporary and Executive search.

With unique data logic built in, candidates and clients are only asked to provide feedback on what is relevant to them, helping you better understand how each consultant can directly improve their own skills and the quality of service they provide.


Have trouble collecting testimonials for all of the great hard work your team does?

We will automatically capture testimonials from candidates and clients right throughout the hiring process and you then get to choose which ones you would like to then publish to your website, with just ONE CLICK of a button, via our customisable embedded widget.

You have full control over what to publish and remove and best of all, you never need to worry about asking for a testimonial again.

Skills Development

Knowing what consultants need help and what they need help on can be difficult. You can’t sit with them in every interview or client meeting or on every phone call.

Our Skills Development module automatically identifies for you the number of consultants that require training and development across your business and what they specifically need help on.

You can customise performance thresholds across the business and establish your own benchmark performance standards. All of your training and development analysis is done for you, all you have to do is start the training.

Simple, Fast configuration & setup

Probably the easiest setup and configuration of any system you have implemented. We have purposefully designed our integration and setup to be as painless as possible, because who wants to spend months implementing software?

We will train your team, setup your account and have you Live in a little over an hour - unless unforeseen circumstances occur like the internet crashing of course 🙂

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