We collect candidate and client feedback throughout the hiring process, differentiated by work-type and aligned to each individual consultant. This allows you to identify which consultants might need help at a particular stage of the process and what specifically they need help with and how much help they require. This allows you to not only improve the experience they provide to candidates and clients but their individual skills as well.

Category: Training and Product Adoption
Location: Asia PacificBeneluxDACHNorth AmericaUnited Kingdom & Ireland
Platform: Bullhorn

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The Recruiter Insider Difference

Recruiter Insider is managed from a simple, visual dashboard requiring no configuration or technical administration skills.

All results are automatically collated and measured, providing you with immediate insights and benchmarking results, both within your business & to the industry. Recruiter Insider is a customer data insight and analytics platform to help you better understand the performance of your whole agency down to each individual consultant.

With over 200 recruitment specific metrics, you’ll know exactly where they are succeeding, where they are struggling and how you can help improve them.

Automated, Relevant and Timely Candidate & Client feedback

Draw on the strength of the relationship that each consultant develops with their candidates and clients with branded and personalised feedback pages and better understand how engaged everyone is in the process.

Purpose-built for the staffing industry, we assess the experience every individual consultant provides with up to 90 skills across Permanent, Temporary and Executive search.

With unique data logic built-in, candidates and clients are only asked to provide feedback on what is relevant to them, helping you better understand how each consultant can directly improve their own skills and the quality of service they provide.

Testimonials, Candidate & Client Referrals

Automatic collection of testimonials from candidates and hiring managers is a great way to share good news with the team. With a click of a button, publish any testimonial to your website using our customisable widget and you can share your success with everyone.

Provide an exceptional candidate experience and be rewarded with a quality candidate you can place and generate more revenue!​ Have your clients recommend someone within their own business or elsewhere and help drive new business revenue!

Skills Development - Shine a light on your blind spots

Traditional methods of collecting candidate & client feedback only lets you know whether they would recommend you or not. If you have areas to improve, you don’t know what they are.

With Recruiter Insider not only are you shown what areas need improvement, but specifically who needs to improve, what part of the process they need support on and how much training and development they require.

Real-Time, actionable insights, allowing you to remove the “gut feel” and action what’s real.


Gain a competitive advantage

Build unrivaled trust, value and gain a competitive advantage by providing data on the experience they provide during the hiring process.

Change the conversation, truly partner with your clients and win new business by differentiating your value proposition to that of your competitors.

Super Simple Integration & Onboarding

Go-Live in just 1 hour!!!

We get you up and running in 3 simple steps:

1. We train your team and managers on how R.I works
2. We create user account and assign permissions
3. We configure all settings and activate your integration. We then work with you to get the most of your data!

Simply go about your business and analyse the data!

World Record configuration of just 1 minute!


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