Improved Quality of Hire

RefAssured delivers accurate and transparent past performance insights on candidates from verified references. These insights are used to improve the quality of hires for our customers’ clients, creating the following new tools:

  1. Recruiters are utilizing the reference results to prescreen talent, helping with alignment between the candidate’s strengths and areas of opportunity.
  2. Account Management is using these results as part of the candidate presentation package. Presenting talent with 3rd party verified results differentiates the agency and the candidate, building trust through transparency.

Our customers, when operationalizing these results in this way, are seeing improvements in Time to Interview, Time to Offer, and Time to Hire. Due to transparency, RefAssured customers are seeing reductions in early contractor fall off and full-time placement fall off during the guarantee periods.

Automated New Client & Talent Lead Generation

RefAssured generates an important automated flywheel for our customers.

  1. We provide a thoughtful and noninvasive way to educate reference givers on the Staffing Agencies’ services. Across our customer base, our data shows that reference givers are opting into sales consultations at an average rate of 4%.
  2. Similarly, we educate reference givers on the types of companies the staffing agencies work with and the job opportunities they focus on. Across our customers, reference givers are opting in as interested talent at an average rate of 20%.

This automated flywheel generates new client and talent-facing opportunities that influence real revenue growth, delivering measurable ROI on the investment in RefAssured.

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Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

Our platform helps advance our customers’ DEI efforts by reducing bias, identifying diverse talent, ensuring fairness, and improving the candidate’s experience. By leveraging RefAssured to eliminate biases and standardize the reference-checking process, our customers and their clients can make more objective and informed hiring decisions that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Automation with Deep Integration to Bullhorn

RefAssured is completely integrated into your Bullhorn environment. The integration highlights include:

  • A thoughtful, responsive design in the candidate and job profiles
  • Automated activity and file updates for reporting and tracking purposes.
  • Seamless lead and talent creation, complete with automated dedupe checking.
  • Full application accessibility to view / search all reference requests and reference giver details, customize surveys, review return-on-investment details and user analytics, and more.
  • Ask us about the features coming next!

Fraud Prevention & Detection

Customers that leverage RefAssured generate a safer, more transparent solution to properly verify candidate work history. RefAssured uses both fraud prevention and detection. We believe in fraud prevention by informing candidates of the tools available to detect fraud, creating a safer and fairer environment. Our fraud detection provides a toolset to detect candidates who falsify their identity, work history, or reference details.

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RefAssured is a Bullhorn Ventures Backed Company

“Bullhorn Ventures is so excited to be an early investor in RefAssured, not only because of the product but also because of the team. The founders have domain expertise as both staffing business operators and staffing software providers, giving us confidence in the direction of their development. RefAssured is not just a tool for recruiter productivity, it’s a way to enhance connections throughout the recruitment cycle. The early feedback from the market reflects how well aligned the product is to the needs of the staffing industry.”

– Nina Eigerman, SVP of Alliances and Business Development at Bullhorn.

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