Send Documents For Signing

Our digital signing software is integrated right into Bullhorn meaning you and your recruiters can access signing capability, in candidate, client, contact, placement and jobs sections within Bullhorn.

✔ Send documents to clients and candidates with just a few clicks.
✔ Pre-fill documents from Bullhorn records.
✔ Pull information from forms and documents back into Bullhorn records (No more double data entry!)
✔ Signed document saved in Bullhorn appropriate records, candidate, client contact, company, placement or job.

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Turn your Paper Forms into Reusable Digital Templates

Choose from our two creation tools:

Form Filler – Our Do It Yourself tool lets you build form templates with Bullhorn Form Fields and Signatures, so they can be used again by you and your team members. Fill and sign Document(s), any collected data automatically saved in Bullhorn records.

Form Direct – Tailor-made Forms by Secured Signing
Use Secured Signing’s customized, HTML5, and Mobile Ready forms for your business needs, featuring workflow, data mapping and business validation rules. Invite others to fill-in and sign web forms. Signed Document(s) and any collected data automatically saved in Bullhorn records.


Improve your Candidates, Clients and Recruiters Experience

Digital signing simplifies and improves processes for the recruiter, clients and candidates who can fill-in and sign documents within seconds on desktop, tablets or mobile devices.

✔ Improves User Experience – fits in with existing workflows and gives clients and candidates a simple, user experience they’ll love.
✔ Save Time Following Up – System automatically reminds people to sign documents for you and alerts you if they haven’t.
✔ Saves Time Searching For Documents – signed documents attach to the exact right candidate or client automatically in Bullhorn.
✔ Update Bullhorn Records- No more double data entry, all form’s data automatically updated in Bullhorn records when signing process is completed.
✔ Ensures Compliance – Admin users can oversee document collection and signing across the organisation.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

Here’s what Mike Adams, Managing Director, Triple0 Medical Recruitment had to say:

“We have been really impressed with the Secured Signing for Bullhorn integration. Our candidates are loving that a lot of their information auto populate from Bullhorn’s for them on the Secured Signing documents. Our team are loving the documents being saved automatically to the candidate record plus updating data fields in Bullhorn. When there has been an issue, the Secured Signing team have been onto it immediately – the benefits of working with the product’s support directly”.

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