Sourcing & Screening

  1. Turn the web into your own job board: Go beyond just job boards and job aggregators. We leverage the power of Social Media, SEO, AdWords and Ad Networks to reach millions of diverse candidates.
  2. Maximize your recruitment advertising budget: Stop wasting your pay-per-click dollars. We help you optimize your job postings so you can get more and better candidates through your job advertising campaigns.
  3. The right job to the right person at the right time: We target your jobs at the most relevant audience at the best possible times on social media so that your followers and fans can become your best candidates.

Employer Branding

  1. Improve candidate experience to convert more passive candidates: Supercharge your career site by delivering custom branding, compelling content, targeted landing pages, and seamless job search/apply experience to attract, engage, nurture, and convert top talent.
  2. Attract millennials who are twice as likely to apply through company career sites than job boards: ave spent a great deal of time and money to build your brand. Why not extend that to your career site. According the latest survey by Hanover Research and National Society of High School Scholars, companies’ career sites are the most preferred resource for millennials in seeking employments.
  3. Diversity, veteran, campus… Build recruiting campaign that works: build a diverse talent pool by creating highly targeted recruiting campaigns that showcase your company as one of the best places to work and develop one’s career.

Analytics & Optimization

  1. “Google Analytics” for recruiting – drive your talent acquisition effort with data: How where your candidates are coming from and what they are looking for. Get unprecedented real-time insights into the performance of your recruitment media and career site.
  2. Competitive intelligence and industry benchmarks: Know the types of talent your peers and competitors are hiring. Compare your recruiting metrics like application rates and mobile traffic against industry and national standards.
  3. We help you optimize: Base on the gathered data, we work with you to acquire the candidates you want, reach your recruiting target, and build a talent pipeline for future growth.

ATS/CRM Integration

  1. Best-in-class bi-directional ATS/CRM integrations: Fully integrated with your existing ATS and CRM systems quickly and easily. Create new and update existing candidate information. Improve the candidate data quality to increase operational efficiency.
  2. Custom integrations available: Keep your existing recruiting process intact. We can build custom integrations with the systems you already have in place.
  3. Secure and scalable RESTful APIs: You own your data! Our system is designed to be accessible from the ground up so that you can access and update all your data using our enterprise grade APIs.

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