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Create positive experiences by hyper-personalizing your outreach

Crafting a high-performing outreach strategy that will capture attention can be a challenge. Hyper-personalization is key and that means more than just using standard name and location variables.

Our platform allows you to pull in personalized content mid-sequence and edit variables on the fly, creating a white-glove experience for your contacts.

Leverage multiple outreach channels to provide the target individual with a choice over their preferred means of communication by combining Linkedin, phone and email.

Outreach is enhanced with dynamic variables so you can create a tailored highly personalized communication experience that piques their interest.

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Re-focus time on high value tasks

SourceWhale captures activity within your CRM automatically so teams can focus on personalizing their outreach and nurturing relationships to provide a tailored service.

Keeping track of who you’re talking to and when is a challenge. SourceWhale makes sure your team never misses a follow up – simply add contacts to hyper-personalized sequences to maximize output.

Automation can be used to organize existing workflows, ensuring teams optimize their time by providing automatic updates, to-dos and reminders.

Using SourceWhale’s reporting functionality allows you to test what works so you can establish best practices and drive consistent results.

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Optimize the way you work

SourceWhale was built to enhance your existing process, integrating with your favorite data intelligence tools, CRM, and outreach channels so you can refocus your time on building relationships.

Instead of switching between multiple tools, extensions and tabs SourceWhale connects to your ecosystem making your process simple and efficient.
We listen to your needs to quickly establish how SourceWhale can enhance existing processes. We learn what success looks like early on and offer structured onboarding so your team can start generating ROI quickly.

Our internal recruitment experience means our platform will always work how you work, whilst staying one step ahead of the curb.

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Scale what works

SourceWhale’s reporting provides valuable data, measuring the effectiveness of your outreach. Track opens, clicks and positive replies to optimize your messaging and refine your approach.

Using our data report building function you can track individual and team activity to measure performance and establish best practices, so everyone is aligned on what good looks like.

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