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Staffing Websites and Job Boards

Tech-enabled, integrated staffing websites, job search, and career portals providing an elite, holistic user experience to Bullhorn clients throughout North America and Europe. As a Bullhorn Venture’s partner, Staffing Future has a suite of tools, features and integrations specifically built for Bullhorn customers. With direct API integrations with Bullhorn, Bullhorn-for-Salesforce, eRecruit, and Bullhorn Automation, Staffing Future’s flexible platform delivers a set of out-the-box, heavily configurable features to automatically optimize, drive, capture, and nurture your talent pool in addition to our 100+ partner integrations.

Our Future Builder website platform offers an optimum blend of software and service yielding expertly built and functional staffing websites. Custom-designed user experience from our in-house design team allows us to curate a website and job search unique to your business.

Needing the tech but don’t need full website design and management? Our Future Portal solution allows companies to leverage Staffing Future’s integrations, job search, apply workflows, SEO automation, matching, nurturing, and reporting technology without the need for a new website. Encompassed in the implementation and support is integrated with your existing site along with a blending of the look and feel to ensure a seamless candidate experience.

Search, Match, and Alert

Staffing Future’s dynamic search platform offers a custom design user interface and our suite of search and filtering options providing users with the most relevant jobs and content. Search features include options for synonym search, predictive search, and boolean search with custom filters, dropdowns, and sliders to enhance the candidate experience.

Innovative matching technology incorporates user behavior, entry, exit points, time on pages, and search data to build a user interest profile. This data is used in our alerts modules along with dynamic content tools to serve the user with the most relevant jobs and content while on-site and through marketing alerts.

In-browser notifications, email, text, and third-party outreach tools are used to alert your users to the most relevant jobs and content to return them to the site and increase your conversion lead flow.

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Distribution, SEO, and Reporting

Seamless integration allows us to pull jobs automatically and distribute them across the website and a range of free and paid options automatically. Integrations with various social, email, chatbot, review, referral, and other staffing technologies. Custom fields for job filters, search, and applicable rule sets for automated job distribution.

Future Builder websites and Future Portal job boards are built to automatically incorporate best in class SEO practices and research, monitor and maintain your site health, implement optimum landing pages, URL structures, and metadata elevating your site authority and performance.

Candidate source tracking and job performance reporting metrics captured and automatically delivered into Bullhorn ATS for end-to-end analytics.

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