Create the Perfect Candidate Experience

Terefic airs on simplicity and prioritizes the candidate experience. Professionals, contractors, and job-seekers use Terefic on their own – because they see value in keeping all their references in one place. They will thank you for using our app.

Exceed Client Expectations – 50% More Placements

Provide your clients with a professional reference report when it matters – before a decision is made or, even better, before the first interviews.

Candidates with timely, completed references are 50% more likely to get selected.

Increase your submit-to-hire ratio. Get paid for the work you do

Generate Quality Sales Leads That Convert – 30% Sales Conversion

Reference checking is a very powerful way to win new customers. Cherry pick who you want to call before we contact them, build the relationship, showcase the quality of your service, and flip into new business opportunities.

Expand Your Talent Pipeline

References typically share the same background and credentials as your candidates. Terefic will invite your candidates’ references to join your talent pool. Promote your service with custom branded opt-in thank-you pages and forms.

Comply With Data Privacy Laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The FCRA regulates the collection of employment references by intermediaries in the United States. Any software, individual recruiter, and/or staffing firm that acts as a third-party between a job applicant and the final employer must comply with the FCRA.
Every violation exposes your staffing firm AND your clients to potential class action lawsuits for 5 years after the date of data collection.
The landscape for data privacy has shifted, and Terefic puts you on the right side of consumer privacy compliance.

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