Detect the candidates who fake their identity and/or references.

The market is saturated with fake candidates. They come in different shapes and levels of sophistication. But they can all create the following painful headaches:

  • Your recruiters are wasting time playing detective.
  • You and your clients do not get what you pay for.
  • Projects get delayed.
  • Project managers get frustrated and sometimes angry.

Fakers are going to fake. Terefic provides a very effective solution to detect the candidates who fake their identity and/or references.

ID Digital Verification

It has become harder to spot the fake candidates for two reasons:

  • Fake candidates are getting better and better at creating fake Linkedin profiles and fake resumes.
  • Real, legitimate IT candidates have been solicited so many times that they are now putting less effort to build their network and market themselves.

Our ID Digital Verification tool is like an X-ray detector. It can tell you who’s real or who’s not in less than 5 seconds.

Cross-check people’s identity with the most comprehensive digital lookup available with data from 40+ U.S. online sites, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Atlassian, and many more.

Reference Checks With Device Fingerprinting & ID Verification

Take the guesswork out of your screening process. Two individuals with the same device ID leave no room for error. They are the same person.

Fast, Unbiased, Detailed insights – For You and Your Clients

Great candidates are going to shine. Reduce bias and shed light on your best candidates with a fast, rigorous, and consistent reference checking process. High performers always stand out.

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