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Timesheet Portal Overview

Timesheet Portal plugs the gap between the front and back office. We help recruitment agencies to better manage time and expense capture from their temporary workforce, all the way through to invoice creation and contractor pay.

In use by over 700 agencies globally, the platform is highly flexible and able to accommodate a wide variety of requirements. Regardless of your sector or size of temporary workforce, Timesheet Portal will keep you working efficiently. Custom integrations with accounting platforms remove the need for duplicate data entry in multiple systems and allows you to cherry-pick the best-in-class solution for your requirements at every stage of the workflow.

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Seamless integration with Bullhorn

The direct API integration with Bullhorn saves time and reduces human error by populating Timesheet Portal automatically with information entered in the Bullhorn.

The custom approach to the integration and bespoke field mapping means that each agency’s specific data requirements can be accommodated, allowing for a truly tailored and streamlined workflow from initial onboarding through to pay and bill.

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Save time, pay & bill faster

Eliminate data entry duplication through integration, transfer all the data you require from Bullhorn to Timesheet Portal automatically.

Highly flexible time & expense recording options to accommodate any workflow, timesheet frequency or submission process.

Timesheet approval via email, your clients don’t even need to log into the platform.

Highly configurable client invoicing allowing every invoice grouping option, frequency and bespoke invoice template builds.

Direct API integrations with accounting systems – Sage, Xero, QuickBooks and more.

For agencies operating a PAYE workforce, we provide AWR tracking, holiday accrual calculation and holiday pay requests and approval processes.

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Key Features & Functionality

Fully white label system holding your logos and branding.

Automated overtime calculations, ideal for agencies struggling with different overtime rates.

Scheduled reminders for submission and approval of time & expense, approval by email.

Capture your worker’s onboarding details before they start submitting their time and expenses.

Document signing and upload facilities.

Consultant commission calculations.

Highly flexible reporting gives you instant visibility of gross and net margin, consultant margins, purchase order spend and more.

Choose the solution that works best for your business size using our modular subscription approach, helping you to scale upwards.

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Additional Features

Time and expense submission on the go. Mobile clock in facility records geo-location information for workers on the move. Capture timesheet and expense attachments in seconds via mobile device camera.

Bulk upload of pre-approved timesheet data for when your clients have their own timesheet system. Pay and bill through one system without having to manually enter data.

Pay and bill in multiple currencies, and convert currencies into a single currency for unified reporting.

‘Drag and drop’ report builder assists with time, pay & charge, margin and commission analysis. Analyse the true cost to the business of running PAYE temps and generate HMRC intermediary reporting along with detailed dashboard analytics.

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