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Increase Bullhorn database utilization by 70-80%

CandidateIQ brings your Bullhorn candidate database to life. It updates and creates comprehensive candidate profiles for your entire database in a matter of days, so you never have to worry about data integrity problems again.

Using an advanced analytics and logic engine designed for Bullhorn, CandidateIQ ensures your candidate profiles are accurate and as up-to-date as possible. With automatic updates and detailed profiles, you will have a Bullhorn database that all your teams can trust.

With fresh and accurate candidate profiles, your teams can focus on activities that keep you ahead of your competitors.

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Automatically update and enrich candidate profiles

CandidateIQ’s continuous candidate database enrichment service identifies and updates missing and outdated information to create complete profiles that don’t waste your teams’ time.

CandidateIQ creates complete individual profiles by pulling together missing contact and work history information from multiple internal and external sources.

By always having access to comprehensive profiles within Bullhorn, your teams can move faster than the competition to submit candidates, easily maintain pools of high-quality candidates, and make more informed, efficient recruiting decisions that improve your placement win rates.

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Easily bulk import high-quality Candidates

If you’re looking to spend less on job boards and make faster submissions, CandidateIQ can effortlessly expand your Bullhorn candidate database.

CandidateIQ automatically adds high-quality, targeted candidates to ensure Bullhorn becomes your best and most valuable source of candidates.

Having a large volume of high-quality candidates in your Bullhorn database creates a singular, powerful resource for all your sourcing, marketing, and sales needs.

With CandidateIQ, you can seamlessly expand your Bullhorn database so you can easily build an engaged community of candidates, stay in touch with your top prospects, and quickly create targeted marketing lists.

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Save time and money with CandidateIQ

CandidateIQ improves productivity by eliminating manual maintenance and expansion of your Bullhorn candidate database. It continuously keeps the database up-to-date and fills it with high-quality candidates, so your recruiting and marketing teams don’t need to go anywhere else.

Manually adding or updating a profile takes three to five minutes. Imagine how much time CandidateIQ saves your team members so they can focus on developing and winning more business.

Once your Bullhorn database is full of comprehensive, up-to-date profiles, your search and match tools will immediately become more valuable. CandidateIQ also improves automation, chatbots, and AI assistants. Your people and tools instantly become more productive by having access to data they can rely on.

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Respond faster to opportunities

Opportunities need to be won in minutes, not days. CandidateIQ provides immediate access to high-quality candidates within Bullhorn, allowing your marketing, recruiting, and operations teams to respond faster to job orders than the competition.

With CandidateIQ, your marketing and recruiting teams are in sync with your automation strategies and positioned to quickly win by submitting ideal candidates with confidence.

Implement CandidateIQ, and your marketing, recruiting, and operations teams will rarely have to leave Bullhorn to find the people they need to outpace your competitors.

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