Attract more talent with data-driven job posting

Knowledge is power. Knowing the best platform on which to post your jobs will give you a huge advantage. WaveTrackR can provide advice on where the majority of talent is looking and from which job boards recruiters are actively securing hires.





Post to all your job boards, website and social media

WaveTrackR features seamless integration with Bullhorn. Posting your jobs couldn’t be easier. You only need to fill in your information once, and WaveTrackR will post to multiple job boards, your website and social media channels with the click of a button. Time saved, knowledge utilised, and you can be sure that you are maximising your job board contracts.



Get in-depth analytics on the performance of your jobs and contracts

Knowing the performance of your jobs and contracts has never been easier. Our advanced analytics dashboard brings all of your job posting, application and hire data in one place.

Find out how many jobs, applications, and hires you’ve made, and the cost for each one. See what channels these have come or which days, or times you’re more active and compare this to the days and times your applications come in. WaveTrackR can show you all of this and more.



Seamlessly get your applications back into Bullhorn

Applications to your jobs will automatically sync to your vacancies on Bullhorn. Preview candidate CVs, and using our traffic light system, you can easily choose which candidates you want to speak to, which ones to send to your talent pool and which ones not to keep. With WaveTrackR and Bullhorn, you can manage the whole process from sourcing to hire.


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