Ease and transparency throughout the reference checking process

Xref delivers an unparalleled candidate experience and timely reference responses. The online, mobile-friendly reference checking tool produces fast, data-driven insights, and turns a manual, inconsistent task into a valuable stage of the recruitment journey. Watch the video to see how Xref can help you make smarter, more confident hiring decisions.

Simply Safer

Xref significantly reduces the risk of reference fraud. Traditional reference checking methods offer little assurance that a referee is who they say they are. The Xref fraud algorithm monitors multiple touch-points, flagging any potentially suspicious activity.

Simply Faster

Requesting a reference takes less than 30 seconds. Reference checks are returned on average within 18 hours. Your candidate is responsible for inputting their referee information. You monitor progress, view the data analysis and revisit candidate feedback all from one centralised dashboard.

Simply Smarter

Collects 60% more data than traditional methods. Say goodbye to illegible scribbles. Xref’s modern referencing solution accurately captures and stores referee feedback. View detailed analytics and export references to PDF with just one click, making it a breeze to provide audit reports.

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