Bullhorn for Email Provides Deeper Integration with Gmail, Outlook to Help Recruiters Fill Jobs Faster

Bullhorn®, the global leader in recruiting software, today announced an expanded capability – Bullhorn for Email – that enables its users to get through their email inboxes faster by seeing and acting on ATS/CRM information within the Gmail™ and Outlook® email clients with a zero-footprint deployment.  Bullhorn for Email is a window into the Bullhorn applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM, allowing users to see key Bullhorn data without having to leave their inbox. Bullhorn is the only ATS/CRM provider that offers direct integration with Gmail and Outlook without the need for plug-ins, enabling recruiters to work from anywhere at any time across any platform.

Bullhorn for Email enables users to:

  • Access the latest information on who they’re emailing: While in their inbox, Bullhorn users can see the most recent notes, resumes, and job orders associated with each of their email contacts.
  • Take action without switching applications: Instead of bouncing between email windows and the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, users can handle common sales and recruiting tasks directly within their inbox.

For years, Bullhorn has provided automatic email activity tracking for Gmail and Outlook as a feature of its true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ATS/CRM. Bullhorn for Email goes further, seamlessly integrating the two solutions Bullhorn customers use most often during the day – email and their ATS/CRM.  Less time spent sifting through email and toggling between windows means more time filling jobs. Tests have shown that Bullhorn users can reduce their number of clicks by up to 82% using Bullhorn for Email.

Bullhorn’s email integration empowers users to focus on money-making activities instead of administrative tasks and improve the efficiency of their communications. Within their email client, users will be able to:

  • Automatically track all candidate and client emails without wasting time on extra clicks.
  • Work from any computer or smartphone device without annoying plugins or software downloads thanks to Bullhorn’s fully Web-based SaaS offering.
  • See and access key information on clients, candidates, and contacts from directly within the inbox.
  • Parse resumes, add notes, and create new tasks to enter information directly into the Bullhorn ATS/CRM
  • Access an email sender’s full record within Bullhorn with just a single click.

“When we first started using Bullhorn,” said Spencer Hellman, recruiter at JoCo, “we loved the functionality of Bullhorn Mail. It let us parse resumes, see information about contacts, and add notes right from our inbox.  Now, Bullhorn for Email gives us all that functionality, and in Gmail.  It is much easier to stay organized and cuts down on the time I spend updating records, so I get through my email faster!”

“Recruiters are moving at 100 miles per hour,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn, “and any gain in efficiency results in a gain in performance. What we’ve done with Bullhorn for Email will dramatically increase the velocity at which recruiters can perform their jobs.”

Bullhorn ATS/CRM customers with the Corporate or Enterprise editions can start using the Email Integration solution immediately. Customers who wish to use the application within Microsoft Outlook will need to have a combination of any of the following: mail hosted by Microsoft® Exchange 2013 or Microsoft Office 365®, and Microsoft Outlook 2013 or Microsoft Outlook Web App to view their emails. Customers who would like to use the application within Gmail must have Google Apps for Business.

*Bullhorn is a trademark of Bullhorn, Inc.
*Gmail is a trademark of Google Inc.
*Microsoft, Office 365, and Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

For more information on Bullhorn for Email, please visit: https://www.bullhorn.com/products/email-and-calendar?utm_source=Press+release&utm_medium=Press+release+link&utm_campaign=Bullhorn+for+Email

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Vinda Rao
Marketing Manager, Bullhorn

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