Reduce Candidate Dropout

Deliver an intuitive, mobile candidate onboarding experience to drastically reduce drop-out, by tailoring the onboarding process and eliminating manual or duplicate paperwork

Speed Up Time-to-Revenue

Get candidates on assignment faster and speed up time-to-revenue, by eliminating manual processes, automating tedious tasks, and increasing accurate, on-time completions, with just a few clicks in the ATS

Meet Complex Regulations

Meet government, client, and agency compliance standards, with the ability to customize documentation, redact sensitive documents, and keep required forms up-to-date

I-9 & E-Verify

Reduce a candidate time spent completing core onboarding forms. Manage document rules, automatically map known fields, complete E-Verify, and be fully audit-ready


Mobile Optimization

Empower candidates to complete the onboarding process on-the-go, when they do not have access to a computer, with the ability to complete/sign and upload documents via mobile.


Custom Forms

Build or upload custom forms, to reduce late-starts and ensure candidates complete required documentation specific to client and government agency needs


Bullhorn ATS Integration

Why should recruiters have to leave their recruiting software to send and monitor electronic documents? Bullhorn Onboarding solutions integrate directly into the Bullhorn ATS, allowing recruiters to send documents, monitor the status of those documents, and send reminders to candidates with the click of a button.


Want to See our Onboarding Solution in Action?

Since we've implemented Bullhorn Onboarding, we've successfully shortened the time between placement and start from days to just hours. It's invaluable to have a branded solution that not only improves the candidate and client experience but also saves us so much time!
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