Automated Communication That Feels Personal

At Sense, we know that people are at the heart of your business. That’s why we built the first platform to engage, automate, communicate, personalize, refer, and measure all in one place. Start more conversations with your candidates while freeing up your team to deliver a superior candidate experience with Sense’s AI-powered suite of tools.

Enhance Recruiter Productivity and Lower Cost-per-Hire

With involuntary turnover as high as 25%, and redeployment rates lower than 5%, staffing firms can no longer afford to neglect candidate engagement. With automated Journeys that seamlessly transition to personal communication, Sense sends email and text messages at the right moment for maximum impact. On average, recruiting teams using Sense see their candidate NPS double and redeployment rates increase to almost 30%.

Give Your Recruiters the Power of Two-Way Texting

Texting candidates results in an average response time of under 90 seconds and reply rate of 45%. With stats like that, your team can’t afford to just be sending emails. Sense Messaging gives recruiters the ability to send broadcasts and 1:1 texts directly from Bullhorn – even pictures, emojis, and gifs! And rest easy knowing that everything is being written back to the candidate record.

Better with Bullhorn

Sense’s enterprise-ready integration with Bullhorn syncs data in real-time. Every message and response is written back to the correct Bullhorn contact, while every Bullhorn field is accessible to make your outreach relevant, personal, and timely. Augment recruiter productivity by activating your data with the best of Sense and Bullhorn, together.




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