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Learning Hub

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Proven playbooks

There’s no single way to run your business. That’s why we’ve created proven playbooks to give you all the information you need to efficiently engage talent, win new business, uplevel your operations, and more.

Engaging Talent

Our Connected Recruiting strategy helps firms identify the moments that matter to talent and measure how successfully they’re meeting expectations at each stage, helping to build a loyal community of talent.

Build a talent community

Business development

It’s never been more important to double down on business development. Our playbook for combining best practices with a technology platform powered by automation and AI can help your team find success, regardless of market conditions.

Win new business

Uplevel your teams

To fully leverage the power of AI, staffing firms must prepare their systems, teams, and strategies to ensure strong adoption and lasting success. Use our AI adoption guide to spend less time troubleshooting and more time transforming.

Prepare for AI

Your Bullhorn Community

With a community of 150,000 staffing professionals, you have the opportunity to connect and learn from thousands of recruitment leaders in your region. Webinars, focus groups, and in person events – there are options to benchmark with your industry peers!

Join us in person or virtually – let’s move forward together.