What results do firms see as a result of automation?

The average firm automates more than 20,000 emails, texts, updates, notes, and tasks per recruiter per year

1 %

Higher open rate than industry average

Firms that use automation to assist in talent communications report an open rate 30 percent higher than the average and a click rate 20 percent higher than average

1 %

More likely to report major revenue gains

Firms that automate at least one process were 55 percent more likely to report major revenue gains in 2021


Hours saved per day per recruiter

That's 2.5 million hours of manual time saved in 2021!

Motion Recruitment has saved 25,000 hours worth of manual work with Bullhorn Automation.

What are the most frequent uses for automation?

Every function of a staffing firm, from operations to marketing, can benefit from automation. Here are the three most common use-cases:

Talent engagement

Top talent engagement automation use-cases:

  • Emails
  • SMS/texting
  • Surveys

Data health

Top data health automation use-cases:

  • Anonymizing records for compliance purposes 
  • Updating job, company, and contract status for all the records within the ATS.

Internal communication

Top communication automation use-cases:

  • Notes
  • Alerts
  • Record updates

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What’s in a billion?

Experts say 1 billion is too large of a number to grasp. With that in mind, here are some ways to think about what the number means:

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