Three Ways a Consulting CRM Can Benefit Your Agency

client relationship management

If you work in the consulting industry, you know that consultants have to deal with a number of difficulties that other industries simply don’t have to worry about as much. Project management can get very complicated, especially with so many moving parts and participants involved. Travel constantly keeps consultants on their feet and on the move, away from their desks and a naturally stable work environment. And email inboxes – well, they’re a mess. With so much communication being sent back and forth, it can be difficult to keep tabs on who said what and when. Consulting firms need a software solution that can streamline their daily processes and make their hectic jobs easier. Bullhorn CRM for Business Consulting fills that need.

Project Management

With multiple members of a consulting team simultaneously working together on various projects, lines of communication can get crossed pretty easily. Without full visibility into the goings-on of their accounts, consultants’ jobs can be much harder than they have to be.

With Bullhorn’s Consulting CRM, consultants can:

  • Track the state of client relationships, including email exchanges and appended files
  • Acquire real-time data on leads and opportunities
  • Manage pipelines smoothly, reducing clogged workflow


In an ideal world, businesses of all types would be able to complete all their tasks from a single, stationary interface. But that simply isn’t the case, and especially not in the consulting sphere. Consultants absolutely cannot be tied down to desktop computers – they’re simply on the move too much due to the heavily client-facing nature of the profession.

Bullhorn CRM for Business Consulting’s Mobile functionality allows consultants to:

  • Use any sort of device anywhere at any time to access the consulting CRM
  • Access comprehensive information and intelligence regarding projects and clients
  • Prepare fully in the moments before client meetings with crucial information at their fingertips


Complex projects, with a variety of stakeholders involved, inevitably result in email inboxes clogged with messages, and it can be daunting to consider sifting through the clutter to get to the important conversations you need to find. Whether you need to respond to an important in-house email or a client message, though, Bullhorn’s Consulting CRM gives consultants:

  • Email tracking, with the relevant messages automatically added to client records within the consulting CRM
  • Customer intelligence from automatic email analysis, showing the strongest cross-organizational relationships and most deeply engaged clients
  • Email integration directly into the consulting CRM interface

To find out more about what Bullhorn CRM for Business Consulting can offer to your consulting agency, download Five Major Challenges for Consultants (and One Major Opportunity) today!

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