3 Ways a CRM Can Help Financial Advisors

crm for financial advisors

Financial advisors face a unique challenge every day. They must continually point their clients in the right direction with their money. With sufficient knowledge of the market and its tendencies, this seems like an attainable goal, right? But most financial advisors don’t only have one or two clients – they have entire lists of important people and companies with finances to be managed. How can they cope with so many different portfolios? A CRM for financial advisors is designed specifically to ease the investment management process. It can help both advisors and their clients to breathe a little easier when it comes to financial planning.

Financial advisory isn’t just about following and directing your clients’ finances. It’s about your clients themselves and how you interact with them. How can a CRM (customer relationship management system) help you strengthen your client interactions?

1. Mobile CRM – Any financial CRM provider you encounter will claim to have mobile functionality. It’s expected at this point in today’s technology-obsessed world. But these claims can be misleading. Make sure that any provider you’re examining offers full mobile functionality, not just a shoehorned, limited version of its desktop system. You should be able to access client records, email your colleagues, and add notes from within your mobile CRM.

2. Customer Intelligence – You shouldn’t have to dig deep into all the data you accumulate to draw conclusions about your financial advisory process. A financial advisor CRM should analyze all your data as it comes into the system and give you insights in real-time. Where are the weak points in your process? Where should you direct your energy in order to create more successful business and improve interactions? A properly equipped CRM should tell you exactly where to start.

3. Automatic Email Tracking – Every contact and client in your financial advisor CRM should have his or her email connected to the corresponding record in your system. With email tracking tied directly to each record, you’ll never miss an important conversation. And with every single client interaction tracked in the CRM system, you’ll know whose finances need a little more attention and your clients can rest easy with the knowledge that you have a clear picture of what’s going on with their accounts.

Bullhorn’s financial advisor CRM is an industry-leading relationship management system with mobile-first architecture, intuitive usability, and APIs that enable near-limitless integration.

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