Is Your Technology Meeting Your Staffing Agency’s Needs?

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Chad MacRae, founder of Recruiting Social, says that when he first started in recruiting, he used spreadsheets to track everything. “Although working without an applicant tracking system (ATS) is doable, it isn’t efficient,” he says. He’s not alone: according to our 2015 North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, 77 percent of respondents said they couldn’t do their jobs effectively without an ATS or customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Our research found that the reliance on ATS and CRM depends somewhat on company size. 25 percent of respondents at small firms said they think they could do their jobs effectively without an ATS or CRM system, while only 19 percent of respondents from large firms say the same. But no matter what size the firm, the insights are clear: tech helps recruiting, and knowing how to pick the right applicant tracking system or customer relationship management software for your organization is key to success.

Wanted: Efficiency and Integration

MacRae says that his company’s applicant tracking system plays an important role and allows his team to track communication with candidates and applicants in one central location. When considering software to use, he looks for ROI and an efficient product that integrates well with existing company technology. “Will the product allow me to find and source candidates efficiently? Can I speak to them directly through the product? Does it integrate with products I already have?”

Sid Simone of Sid Simone Solutions says that she looks for drag-and-drop components on the back end, quick installation (“minutes rather than days”), and mobile-friendly options. However, it’s hard to find something that’s a 100 percent match for everything he’s looking for, such as sending job notices, booking emails, allowing talent to view their schedules, or having a GPS timecard tracker. The company’s needs change quickly, so Simone is always on the lookout for a good fit.

Time for Something New?

MacRae says that his company reviews tech use once every six months. “We’re in growth mode and we want to make sure we stay ahead of any challenges we may face while growing,” he says. They try out new technology any time a team member finds something that might optimize performance, and the Recruiting Social team attends conferences such as SourceCon and HR Technology to keep up with new developments.

To assess whether existing software is meeting the company’s needs, MacRae says that as part of the internal review the company requests feedback from the team, asking whether team members face challenges using the system or whether something works particularly well. If there’s a hitch with reporting, tracking, or communication, the company checks with the vendor to find out if there are updates. But it also always keeps an eye out for new products that might be a better fit.

Simone says her company uses a free trial before making any investment. “Without a free trial, we’re guaranteed not to invest,” she says. After that, she says her company is more likely to use a service that has an easy-to-follow action plan, a workable pricing structure, and a friendly and knowledgeable sales representative.

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