How Mobile CRM Technology Can Strengthen Your Business

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Little by little, the world changes every day. I suppose that’s obvious enough, but I’m talking about a specific technological change. According to comScore’s 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report, “total digital media usage has grown 49%” since 2013, and “mobile apps hav[e] grown 90% and contribut[ed] to 77% of the total increase in time spent” over that 2-year span. In fact, mobile phone use has grown so rapidly that 62% of American digital time is spent on a mobile device, and desktop computers now occupy only 38% of that time. This was nearly a 50/50 split only two years ago!

This data is based on all U.S. residents, not just those in the workforce, but the fact remains for working Americans as well: digital media use is increasing all the time, and that goes double for the mobile experience. Of course, some of this can be attributed to the continuing wave of Millennials entering the workforce – according to comScore’s report, Americans under the age of 34 average more than 83 hours per month on mobile apps. That’s a lot more than, for example, those between the ages of 45 and 54, who average 58 hours of mobile app use per month.

What does this all mean for the business world? Well, most importantly, it means that decision-makers need to give their employees the tools they need to do their jobs in the field, not just at their desks. It’s a basic truth of the present day that people are used to getting things done on their mobile phones. Why shouldn’t they be able to get their work done the same way?

When it comes to service-based industries, this need for mobile access becomes even more pressing. Your employees need to be able to manage customer relationships while on the go, plain and simple. With a mobile CRM, you can make sure that your employees never miss a chance to take action on crucial business opportunities, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Want to find out more about what a mobile-first CRM system can do for your business? Take a product tour to learn more.

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