The New Generation of Sales Software

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Sales force automation technology is supposed to work for your sales team, helping them to accomplish mundane tasks more easily and make more time for what they’re best at: closing deals. But ask yourself – does your sales technology actually work for your team? Or does it simply slap a facade over the manual data entry in which your salespeople remain entrenched?

According to a recent article by Heather Clancy for Fortune Magazine, titled “How to Get Salespeople to Love Sales Software,” the world of sales force automation technology is rapidly advancing beyond repetitive data entry requirements. In fact, new features of sales technology use “artificial intelligence and data analysis” to automate tasks that were once necessarily manual. There aren’t many salespeople who would rather update a database than work on closing a deal, so these technological advancements are good news for the sales world.

As a notable inclusion on the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation for its “usability and functionality,” Bullhorn is on the leading edge of SFA technology. Said Bullhorn CEO Art Papas, “Now you can prescribe the right course of action. I wouldn’t call this big data – we’re not looking through the Library of Congress. But we’re looking for the mini data of interactions, coming up with clues that would otherwise go unnoticed.”

By digging up valuable clues for sales teams, this new wave of technology is taking sales performance to new heights. Tracking customer relationships has never been more important (evidenced by Clancy’s assertion that “big companies will spend an estimated $29 billion on systems for tracking customer relationships in 2016”), and properly attuned sales leaders now find themselves in position to take advantage of landscape-altering technology.

To find out more about how intuitive sales force automation technology can help your team to excel, download The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Humans.

And to learn more about the current state of sales technology, read the Fortune Magazine article: “How to Get Salespeople to Love Sales Software.”

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