Now Available: The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Humans

crm buyer's guide for humans

Today, Bullhorn released The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Humans to help decision-makers at services-based companies find the technology they need to serve their clients and improve business interactions. The best technology for companies that want to efficiently manage client relationships is a CRM (customer relationship management system), but there are so many available options on the market that the process can become overwhelming.

As you search for the best CRM for your business, you should be looking for a system that not only gives your team crucial relationship insights and the proactive intelligence to act on that data, but also a radically easy way to work. That sounds great, but how do you find this ideal solution?

The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Humans gives you the guidelines you need to make your CRM search process a fruitful one, including:

  • The product features you should expect from a CRM
  • A breakdown of the capabilities and qualities of a best-in-class CRM
  • How ease of CRM adoption can ensure dramatic business improvement
  • Questions you should ask about a given provider’s CRM system

To get the information you need to find the best CRM for your business, as well as a checklist to walk you through the search process, download The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Humans.

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