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What Are You Doing?

There has been a lot of buzz about the latest social networking craze, Twitter. If you’re not in the know, Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent… Read More

Quit Wishin’ & Hopin’…

….that business will get better. Get out there, create a sales process, and stick to it. When I work with a small staffing company (just the owner or the owner and a couple of recruiters) I’ll often find that the… Read More

Recruiting Community

Friday, July 25, I attended one of John Sumser’s Recruiting Roadshow events in Minneapolis. It was a tremendous event. 250 Staffing and Recruiting Professionals spent the morning networking and contributing to an ongoing discussion about the way the landscape in… Read More

Who do You Know?

Who Do You Know? Probably the most important question a sales person can ask. Ironically, probably the one question sales people forget to ask the most. Over my 20 years of sales experience I’ve learned that a good pipeline cures… Read More

Recruiting Boomers

I recently sat down with Tim Driver, CEO of, at their offices in Waltham, MA. is a job board dedicated to workers over 50. They’re a relatively young company, but have built quite a head of steam in… Read More

Do as I Say…Not as I Did! A 3 Part Series

Hey out there, this is my first blog on Bullhorn and I’m writing it for YOU. Prior to the Staffing Industry, I enjoyed a career in Sales, Sales Training, and in Sales Management. I worked in the Staffing Industry for… Read More

Fired Up

Some of you had noticed that I wasn’t blogging as much as I usually do during this spring. And, now, I can explain to every one that I was raising $26 Million in capital to supercharge Bullhorn. The decision to… Read More

Implementing Brainstorm Ideas

There have been so many great ideas generated and discussed since Bullhorn Brainstorm launched. When you logged in just now, you may have at first thought you were at the wrong site! As we roll-out new features in Brainstorm, you’ll… Read More