Diversity, Automation Spark Conversation at Bullhorn-hosted RecruitingDaily #HRTX Boston 2017 Event

#HRTX Boston 2017

Topics about diversity, automation, and recruiting in the digital age took center stage at Bullhorn last week. About 20 staffing professionals discussed industry challenges and shared best practices at RecruitingDaily’s #HRTX Boston 2017.

Held Sept. 14 at Bullhorn’s corporate headquarters, RecruitingDaily’s #HRTX Boston 2017 conference brought together top staffing and recruiting professionals to discuss emerging industry trends and technology innovations. Limited to 16 attending companies, the half-day event offered an exclusive setting to engage with and learn from participating attendees.

Kicking off the conversation, RecruitingDaily Editor Jackye Clayton spoke about emerging shifts in recruiting and recounted how the industry has faced dramatic changes over the past few years. RecuitingDaily President William Tincup and RecruitingDaily Chief Operating Officer Ryan Leary hosted technology demonstrations for the guests.

Attendees conversed about hot topics such as the growing need for diverse candidates, the impact of automation on recruiting, and sourcing younger candidates via digital communications, and how they see these trends impacting the future of staffing:

The Growing Need for Diverse Candidates

Diversity of all kinds, including gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, is critical in the workforce. A diverse workforce has the ability to generate even more creative ideas as it draws on the various backgrounds of one another to develop new business strategies. All attendees said their companies have diversity or inclusion initiatives and acknowledged that it’s incredibly important to continuously check in with employees to ensure they’re working in safe environments.

The Impact of Automation on Recruiting

Automation will benefit recruiting professionals by undertaking non-value-adding tasks such as scheduling, screening, and following up, alleviating these administrative initiatives so they can focus on higher-level assignments such as strengthening relationships. Attendees saw the value that this disruptive technology can bring by partnering with it – rather than opposing it – to aid their productivity and efficiency.

Sourcing Younger Candidates via Digital Communications

Recruiting in the digital age is becoming more prevalent because of Facebook Jobs and Google Hire. But the real question is connecting with younger, digital-savvy candidates through non-traditional communication methods such as text messaging and social media. These powerful channels can create more opportunities for recruiting professionals to have more personalized conversations with candidates. And reaching out via text message or social media requires sending tailored content such as relevant news articles about companies to appropriately engage candidates. In the always-on society, candidates want instant answers to their questions and swift replies to their job applications. If recruiters can’t provide rapid responses, they’ll miss out on the best talent for their best opportunities.

It was a great day of productive conversation and fun with Boston-area recruiting professionals and the amazing RecruitingDaily team. We’re looking forward to hosting another #HRTX soon!

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