You still have time to spring clean your Bullhorn database

You still have time to spring clean your Bullhorn database

Written by our partners: Kyloe Partners

Spring is here again, and it’s time for that annual tradition: spring cleaning. While you’re tackling your home, why not extend the same care to your Bullhorn database? Just like that overstuffed drawer or cluttered cupboard, your CRM can accumulate a lot of mess over time.

Here’s how you can effortlessly tidy up your Bullhorn data.

Check out the data hygiene guide

Why is cleaning my Bullhorn database important?

Understanding the importance of cleaning your Bullhorn CRM is crucial before diving in. Here are some reasons why it matters:

1. Tap into revenue opportunities

Inaccurate data leads to wasted time and missed revenue opportunities. When your data is clean and reliable, your team can work more efficiently when searching for suitable candidates. Your clients and candidates will enjoy a better experience and you’ll see improved redeployment and utilisation rates, and increased revenue.

2. Enable informed decision-making

Accurate reporting relies on trustworthy data. Cleaning up your database ensures that the insights you get from your reports are based on solid foundations, enabling better decision-making for your company.

3. Maximise the value of your Bullhorn and optimize your integrations:

The effectiveness of your Bullhorn integrations (for example, AI, VMS, or Bullhorn Automation) hinges on the quality of the underlying data. By cleaning up your database, you set the stage for successful integrations that actually boost your ROI.

What data should I clean up?

The specific data cleanup needs will vary for each company. However, here are some common areas you can focus on regardless of your size, industry or market:

1. Duplicate records

Duplicate records clutter your database and lead to inefficiencies. Identifying and merging duplicates streamlines your operations, improves reporting accuracy, and enhances automation outcomes.

2. Incomplete candidate records

Ensure that your candidate records contain essential contact information and CVs/resumes. Identifying records with missing data or outdated information improves the quality of your searches and enhances candidate engagement efforts.

3. Standardization of data

Consistent data formatting is essential: standardize data fields that are used for things like reporting, generative AI, emailing or Bullhorn Automation.

How can I clean up Bullhorn?

You have several options for cleaning up your Bullhorn database:

1. Manual updates

Time-consuming, manual updates can be effective if you have the resources available. But this is a really expensive way of doing it! Assigning consultants to clean up the database can also put you at risk of manual error and takes time and effort away from engaging with clients and candidates.

2. Custom projects

Consider outsourcing a custom data cleanup project to a third party. While this option may involve a higher cost, it can offer quicker results, particularly for one-time cleanup tasks or complex data issues.

3. Data management tools

The ultimate solution: invest in a data management tool that integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn. Products like Kyloe DataTools provide cost-effective solutions for ongoing data maintenance, including deduplication, gap identification, and mass data updates to 25+ Bullhorn entities.

The importance of a strong data foundation

A strong data foundation is paramount for success: from streamlining workflows and maximizing candidate redeployment and utilization rates, to improving decision-making, clean and reliable data forms the backbone of any effective recruitment strategy. Don’t overlook the importance of it when it comes to getting the most out of your Bullhorn investment.

Don’t neglect your Bullhorn database anymore. By understanding the importance of data cleanliness, identifying areas for improvement, and leveraging the right tools and strategies, you can ensure that your CRM is a valuable asset for your recruitment and staffing efforts in 2024 and beyond.

Remember, the worst thing you can do is nothing—so take action today to unlock the full potential of your Bullhorn database!

The best way to get started is to understand the current state of your database. Get a free deep dive into the quality of your Bullhorn data with Kyloe DataTools Lite and learn if your data is helping or holding you back.

Check out the data hygiene guide

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