July Product Updates: GDPR and Consent Management

July 2018 Product Updates

We’ve made some changes to our products to better serve the Bullhorn community! Here are a few of the improvements you can expect to see on S Release and Novo by the end of July. Visit the product release notes for more exciting updates and features.

GDPR Compliance, Meet Bullhorn

Anonymization and Erasure

S Release and Novo
In the era of GDPR, your agency needs to be able to completely anonymize client and candidate information. In order for your firm to be fully GDPR compliant, we’ve made some important updates to our ATS and Back Office solutions.

We’re pleased to announce that GDPR-enabled admins now have the ability to fully anonymize leads and contacts in the ATS. When a record is erased, all sensitive information, and all linked entities with sensitive information, will be anonymized. In BBO, Vendor records, department records configured as contacts, and manager/approver records can now be anonymized via manual record erasure.

Consent Management

S Release only
Consent Management doesn’t just apply to candidates. We updated the user action entitlement ‘Request Consent’ to include leads and contacts, as well! You can now request consent from leads and contacts en masse to comply with GDPR.


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